Hand in hand, all the way!They show their loyalty by sticking to the fight against the epidemic

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Peninsula all media reporter Yang Yang correspondent Zhao Jingmei united to overcome the difficulties!Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Laixi, the Public Security Bureau of Jiaozhou city has acted in obedience to the orders and acted faithfully. All the participants have overcome difficulties and stuck to the line of “epidemic” with their inimable loyalty to their faith and firm determination to win the battle. A large number of touching stories have emerged.Wang Dong, Li Gezhuang Police Station: “Happy birthday baby, I hope you grow up happily and healthily.Daddy won’t be home for your first birthday. “ee-i, Ee-i…March 8 is the first birthday of Wang Dong’s son. Wang Dong and his wife attach great importance to the first birthday of their son. In order to make a good birthday for their son, they started planning in advance a month ago.In the wee hours of March 5, Lexie was in a hurry!Jiaozhou city public Security Bureau organized police overnight, rushed to help Lexi.Wang Dong knew there were a few days when he received the support order is the child’s birthday, but he did not refuse to reply received.He put on his police uniform and said to his wife, “We are wearing a police uniform now. We will stay at home and wait for me.” Then he looked at his sleeping son, bowed his head and kissed his forehead several times.Bayonet duty, order maintenance, persuading vehicles, early morning in the cold wind flashed everywhere Wang Dong figure.Wang Zhongbo, Kowloon police Station: Wang zhongbo, 37, is the deputy director of the Kowloon police station and a member of the first temporary Party branch of the “COVID-19 Pioneer”.On the night of March 4, wang Zhongbo, who had just finished the night shift, volunteered to go to Laixi to fight the epidemic without saying goodbye to his family.As “war plague pioneer” temporary party branch committee member, the first Wang Zhongbo shoulder the logistics and ZhiQinDian police task arrangement, he overcame the police on duty, workload is big, ZhiQinDian, more complicated, big span, adjacent to the epidemic prevention and control center such as difficult, will issue to each ZhiQinDian epidemic prevention and control materials in time, work overtime to field survey and research of ZhiQinDian,We have repeatedly improved the work process, scientifically allocated the police force, and reasonably arranged the duty period, so that the officers can not only stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, but also get sufficient rest. We have established a set of scientific and perfect epidemic prevention and control work system, which has been highly praised by everyone and leaders.Working more than 16 hours a day, he suffered from throat inflammation and could hardly speak. However, he was not in the frontline of the epidemic prevention and control with high morale despite taking anti-inflammatory drugs, setting an example for his colleagues.Criminal investigation brigade Ma Guanghui: the epidemic mercilessly attack, medical staff and public security police became the forefront of the battle line against the epidemic fighters.In this family, two people rush to the front without hesitation, Ma Guanghui and Chen Mei are such a pair of husband and wife.Ma Guanghui is an auxiliary police officer and his wife, Chen Mei, is a nurse at the central hospital.At 3 am on March 5, her husband received a call that he needed to go to Laxi for duty. Ma Guanghui told his wife, who was ready to leave at any time at home, “Take good care of the elderly and children first. I must take the lead and start at once!”His wife said, “Protect yourself and return safely!”Can serve as a communist party member’s wife, that night also received notice immediately rushed to the city Yang fixed point hospital, need emergency support, but the elderly parents in the home and young children became their biggest worry.Father critically ill cancer, dabao high this year, xiao bao kindergarten, who need to take care of, and his wife put them all to old age and body is not very good mother-in-law, parents two people of entrust to his wife: “you are at home can rest assured that we will try our best to take good care of them, you make, the protection work in peace, after you come back safely.”His wife’s tears burst out of her eyes, and she stepped on the fight against the epidemic!Police brigade KuangXingLin: March 4 night, police brigade secret squadron had been ordered to lacey on after a short period of time muster, on duty on the night of the district captain KuangXingLin at home under the condition of two children need to take care of volunteered, lead the new report to the police, and his comrades fight starry night to lacey epidemic area.During the lacy duty KuangXingLin active standing post of the first class, the most bitter and tired job duty, 3 a.m. to work time is the time of fatigue, mount guard KuangXingLin during lumbar muscle strain, which cannot stand for a long time, but his injuries than firewire, simple examination to the nearest hospital, opened some oral medications, immediately return to work, continue to on duty.Vince: SanLiHe police station on March 10, this is Vince (tomorrow) to send wedding day, the day of marriage, but after lacy outbreak, Vince home, gu everybody, regardless of personal gain and loss, always keep in mind the mission and practice of loyalty for the people, had been ordered if necessary lacey, thought that is not on duty could delay wedding day, but his well-documented actively, to disease resistance front.After arriving at the duty station, he was meticulous, sensitive and responsible, and resolutely guarded the border sealing and control duty station under the jurisdiction of laxilong Waterway police Station, without any problems.Yang Hongguang of Yinghai Police Station: Yang Hongguang is an auxiliary police officer of Yinghai police Station. He is 55 years old this year.In the auxiliary police team, Yang Hongguang is worthy of the name of the old comrade.Lacey outbreak, he volunteered to go to the front line, were devoted to the epidemic prevention and control work, march lacey is still cold, Yang Hongguang to overcome difficulties, not afraid of cold, always stick to on the job, take concrete actions to interpret the beginner’s mind and the mission of a communist party member, also shows the jiaozhou public security people’s responsibility and bear.