Party building leads and promotes development

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Sichuan branch of the party committee in the past two years, three zhongjian fourth company adhere to service the production and business operation as the starting point and the foothold, comprehensively promote the party pair of build, overall coordination, through resource sharing, complementary advantages, create a harmonious and stable environment for rapid development branch, achieved mutually promote win-win situation, the overall promotion of good effect.We should build a joint platform for Party building and consolidate the foundation for joint building.Branch of the party committee in accordance with the “around the center, the service general situation, overall consideration, the whole advancement” the principle of party committee organized group members took the lead with provincial federation of trade unions, the group provincial party committee, province construction building materials trade unions, the streets and so on more than 40 government unit, the owner and supervision department communication and docking industry, signed 13 copies of the “six” six league party pair to build agreement, set up to build relationships,Build a joint construction platform.In combination with the grass-roots contact point system of party committees, it issued the Notice on The Joint Construction of Management-oriented Party Branches and production-oriented Party Branches in Party Construction, implementing the “one-to-many” pairing mode of management-oriented Party branches and production-oriented Party branches, realizing resource integration and complementary advantages, and helping solve problems in production and operation.Joint promotion of quality performance, repeatedly praised by the owners.Pay attention to party building, business singing, through a pair of joint construction service production and management, solve problems, quality assurance, safety, build high-quality products, strong performance, frequent praise.The Party Committee of the branch mobilized the project Party branch, led the full-time safety officers and team leaders of subcontractors, set up 11 safety inspection teams, regularly carried out special joint inspection, and jointly established a long-term mechanism of joint management of safety work.First three phase of the project team take the lead of party members, overcome space limitation, advocate material shortages and other difficulties, safety, high efficiency, high quality 5 days in advance booking node task completed three batches, implements three times, in the first three periods of bid a project complete body cap ceremony, owner opened in chengdu sheng tai real estate co., LTD., awarded the “overcome difficult, spirit,Not afraid of hardships, keep improving “banner 1.Since the beginning of the project, mianyang Airport project has won one banner of “excellent management team and trusted cooperative unit” from the owner through overcoming difficulties and high quality contract performance.The Party Branch of Guosheng Wanda Project established a co-construction relationship with the Party Branch of Bazhong Engineering Quality Monitoring Station, and undertook the 2021 Bazhong Construction Project Quality safety and Construction Dust prevention standardization on-site observation meeting;Give full play to the exemplary role of branch members and league members in vanguard, set up three commandos of “safety, quality and housing delivery”, reverse platoon and quantify assault task indicators, and Party A award banners to encourage them.Do good deeds, show enterprise responsibility.Centering on the study and education of Party history, the Party Committee of the branch company shares the experience of party history study and education of the joint Construction unit by organizing all kinds of learning activities, inviting experts to give Party lessons and hold discussions and exchanges, so as to enrich the study forms of Party history and improve the study results.Vigorously carry out “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, company committee give play to the role of the party allied units, send youth volunteer organization, participate in kam officer new city community preparedness, assist with more than 4600 residents nucleic acid detection, for the community mingshi residence village renovation activities positions, repair chengdu garden residential area damaged walls and change the gate,Recognized by the joint construction units and residents of the district, it has been awarded “Excellent Party Construction Enterprise of Jinguan New Town Community Regionalization” and 2 flags;Organized and carried out activities such as “Red Film into construction Site” and “Send Coolness to community”, took the initiative to help solve the actual needs of the community, enhanced the integration of social enterprises, and won the letter of commendation from the Party Committee of Zhengxing Street, Tianfu New District.Organize various activities jointly, polish the business card.Focus on deepening the relationship between joint construction and joint construction, innovate and enrich the forms of activities, so that meaningful joint construction activities become a link between joint construction units and a window to show the good image of enterprises.Persisting in party building and league building, the Sichuan Branch held the May 4th Art performance of “Praising the Centennial Heart to the Party, Building dreams and contributing to the New Era” and the first “Youth Culture Festival”, and the joint construction units Chengdu University of Technology and Longquanyi Armed Police Squadron “sent culture” to the project to deepen the interaction and communication between the joint construction units.The Party branch of Yihe New Town project in Longquan cooperated with the owners and the community Party committee to hold a series of activities such as “Love Chengdu, Welcome the Great Luck — Build a Dream in China, Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion”, Mid-Autumn And National Day carnival, volunteers to send warmth, “go to the grassroots” cultural benefit to the people, which enriched the leisure life of residents and employees and maintained regional harmony and stability.Hoanya country garden project country garden party branch and the factory unit upper area siltstones hoanya project party branch set up party and focal points, to explore to create a pair to build a long-term mechanism, and jointly carry out “the party, build the convergence warmth to respect practice beginner’s mind” theme activities, visit condolences to 34 yixian old man, to undertake a wonderful literary performance,Send “warmth” and company for old people in winter.The Party Branch of Tianfu New Area project organized the project staff to participate in the activity of “Love Chengdu · Welcome the Universiad, Yixinhu Street 2021 National Fitness Fun Run”, and jointly carried out the activity of “Hello, workers” with the community Party Committee to welcome the new workers, care for them and warm them in the way of theme activities.In recent years, build three fourth company sichuan branch is committed to open the door to the party, and adhere to the party construction and the integration of production and operation, to act in an opera in party construction plays, business, and the provinces, governments at all levels, the labor of youth and the owner units to carry out the high frequency of interaction, successful organizations do a good job in a large amount of ground gas, popular and effective in party activities, in the present enterprise good image,It has won high praise and recognition from the government, industry regulatory authorities and owners, and at the same time, it has also comprehensively boosted marketing and promoted the development of enterprises.Address: 24th Floor, New Hope Building, Wuhou District, Chengdu city, Sichuan Province