Read a poem and then go to sleep | to see you off is a war between me and me

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“It’s Morning in Catterland” Catterland, where they live on the banks of the river there are long drums made of bark, muffled, ringing by the campfire old men, with slender bamboo sticks burning a pipe of smoke from the flames, the smell is dry and their eyelids tremble, and they say that the sound of the drums is not crisp.The children gather together to praise their birth mother Milodore secretly looks at the elder, lest the intonation be too sad I salvage the story from here, but forget to write it and by the time it’s morning in Catalan, all I have left is a mouth to speak with.A female monkey, lit a flame of jealousy that burned half of Catterland, feasted with blood and tears and witches and black robes, and incense, please, let us live in Catterland.At the beginning of the killing, the executioner is our brother the night to hide, disguised as a kind girl LAN’s arms is Wei, Luo’s back is Meng we throw away the long drum, the muffled sound left to Kateran.The boat plop off down the river the old man with the baby in his arms rolled up and fled to the other side of the river.Mirotuo is the birth mother of the Yao people. She was conceived by the wind and gave birth to the ancestors of the Yao people.”Mi” is the abbreviation of Mirotuo, and is also the name bunu Yao people call their mother.According to oral songs and stories, a war broke out at a banquet when a tribal leader living with the ancestors of the Yao nationality in The Kcatalan region discovered that they were hiding a female monkey.Shamans, the local people who are known as magi, have the ability to talk to ghosts, they are like emissaries between Yin and Yang, they can exorcise evil spirits, they can pacify evil spirits, milodas is a word they often use.See You off Before the dawn Before the dawn, a little sad a group of birds perched on a tree, nameless, they discuss whether to call one by one, the color of the night is white.I pass by, holding the drowsiness that has not dissipated to wait for you to say not to make, embrace before dawn, need not be loud under that locust tree, the bird has come to life.To see you off is a war between me and me to choose before dawn, the sadness is not obvious and the hickey is not clear, I will think that I have been away from you for a long time this war,Just to please his grief “untitled” (1) I have a kitchen knife rotting I hide it in the dark is afraid of red blood of its sharp blade (2) a flower suddenly grew up and said to me when you fell the life is too long (3) men and women together after committing a crime the criminal art gifts to their children and feel great (4) the conclusion that there is no sense in poetryPlease use disposable eyes, we all try to be kind.Founded on November 16, 2015, The Poetry Club takes “voice for grassroots poets” as its mission and promotes the “spirit of poetry”, namely the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty of poetry, artistic innovation of poetry and spiritual pleasure of poetry.Now he has published a book of poems co-authored by his poetry PALS, “The Spring flowers of Reading sleeping Poems” and “the grass of reading sleeping Poems grows and warbler flies”.