Blockbuster “School” screening, four police out

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The new school season welcomes the new semester ding Dong “holiday mode” end “school mode” online farewell to the happy winter vacation children pack up the mood to return to school ushered in a brand new semester embarked on a brand new journey familiar with the campus of teachers familiar with, of course, there are familiar with the police shu Shu guards the school “Safe road”In order to do a good job of campus security during the “new term season”, the four police planned in advance, carefully deployed, strictly implemented the security measures, and made every effort to escort the campus security during the new term season.Huang Zhiyong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and political commissar of sihui Public Security Bureau, commanded from the front, carried out video inspection of the campus and surrounding public security situation, and conducted video scheduling for various security posts.”Careful screening” + “regulation”, to ensure that the campus safety hidden trouble, on the eve of the start of the “reset” sihui police organization to carry out the campus risk potential big screen, to guide the school internal safety inspection work, comprehensive security equipment, video monitoring, prevent collision check school facilities and the normal use of the alarm device is one key,Ensure that the school’s civil air defense, physical defense, technical defense facilities are complete and effective, to ensure that hidden dangers in the school before zero.Carry out centralized rectification actions to the surrounding areas of the school, eliminate hidden dangers of public security in time, and coordinate relevant functional departments of the district to strengthen social management.”Nursing post” + “minimum unit”, build a solid campus security barrier on the first day of school, the four police scientifically coordinated police classification of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to implement the “nursing post” duty.The minimum emergency response units of all schools are on duty, strengthening the strength of “nursing post”, and further improving the campus security protection and emergency response capacity.For the first day of school to return to school peak, the traffic police brigade, the police station quickly launched emergency plans, all police mobilization, all on the road, stick to the road front line, in the main section of the district to take road traffic dredging and traffic accident prevention measures.Ensure the smooth and orderly road traffic, extend the duty time, prevent road congestion, prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents.On the morning of February 14, the Dongcheng police station took the opportunity to do a good job of security work on the first day of the new school year, and brought the “first lesson of the new school year” to the overseas Chinese Middle School in Sihui City.In the activity, the police on “road traffic safety”, “fire and electricity safety”, “prevent drowning”, “prevent telecom network fraud” and “school bullying” and other aspects of the safety education for all students, strengthen everyone’s safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, further cast a strong student awareness of prevention, strictly prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.The new semester, the new beginning of the hope that the students can devote themselves to the study of the police shu shu will accompany you outside the campus with all their efforts to wait for the station “guard guard” you go to school “safe road” come on!The young!The Four Meetings: The Dinner Table “Friends” unexpectedly…Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: