Smell the snow and move!The municipal civil affairs system actively responded to the cold rain and snow freezing weather

2022-04-24 0 By

Zhuzhou News, January 27 (Reporter Yu Siwei, correspondent Wang Runqi) On January 27, Zhuzhou Civil Affairs Bureau held a video conference to prepare for and respond to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters during the Spring Festival, and deployed and implemented emergency preparedness and preventive measures to ensure that all kinds of civil affairs service objects warm winter and safe holidays.Yi Xiangdong, vice mayor of the municipal people’s government, attended and made a speech. Tong Jugang, member of the party group and deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, presided over the meeting. Wang Jing, member of the Party group and deputy director of the civil affairs Bureau, made arrangements on the relevant work.Conference site.(Photo by Yu Siwei) The meeting carefully analyzed the recent weather situation, conveyed the spirit of the meeting related to the prevention and response work of the provincial and municipal low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, and arranged and deployed the prevention and response work of the low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster in the civil affairs system of the city during the Spring Festival.The meeting pointed out that to attach great importance to, effectively strengthen organizational leadership, establish and improve the emergency coordination mechanism, to ensure the safety of civil affairs service institutions, civil affairs service objects health, to ensure social harmony and stability during the Spring Festival;To highlight the key, strengthen the investigation of security risks, formulate emergency plans in advance, timely eliminate all kinds of security risks;We need to pay close attention to the living conditions of key targets, ensure adequate supplies of all kinds, and carry out the “warm Winter” campaign to ensure that not a single household or a single person is left out.Yi Xiangdong delivered an important speech.Yi Xiangdong stressed that the civil administration system of the city must unite as one and do a good job in civil administration during the Spring Festival low temperature rain and snow freezing weather prevention and response work.It is necessary to further improve the ideological understanding, strengthen the responsibility, and effectively unify thinking and action to the provincial and municipal government on the deployment of resistance to low-temperature rain and snow disasters, and resolutely fight the security battle against low-temperature rain and snow and freezing weather.We should set clear targets, focus on key areas, improve the reserve and supply of materials, step up screening of food hygiene, prevention of cold and frost, fire safety and other risks and dangers, ensure that no one dies of hunger, freezes to death, or burns to death, and make every effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of civil affairs service institutions such as nursing homes for the elderly and children’s welfare homes.To further strengthen the leadership, decompression of real responsibility, strictly implement the 24-hour emergency duty system, improve the emergency linkage mechanism, strictly supervise and urge the implementation of various work details;In order to ensure a smooth and orderly civil affairs system during the Spring Festival, the visiting staff of the poverty-stricken households and the children’s directors in the villages where left-behind children live should contact and visit each day.Members of the leadership team of the Civil Affairs Bureau, heads of departments and directly affiliated units of the civil Affairs Bureau will attend the meeting in the main venue, and relevant responsible comrades of the civil affairs Bureau of each county and urban area will attend the meeting in the sub-venue.