The first Guangdong Super Cup Five-man Football match in Guangzhou community came to a successful conclusion

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On April 17, 2021, the first Guangzhou Five-a-side Community Football Match of Guangdong Super Cup will be held in Huangpu Ecological Sports Park (Aosheng Five-star Football Club) located in Huangpu Science City, Guangzhou.As a professional organization of community news release and resource integration management, Guangzhou Press Group Information Times cooperated with Yuechao Joint-stock Company to create the most large-scale community football exchange activity in Guangzhou — the first Guangzhou Community Five-a-side Football Match.The integration of community concept and football culture provides an opportunity for community sports fans to display their talents and realize their dreams on the football field.Spare no effort to promote the development of football culture.A total of 8 teams gathered here to compete for the final champion, among which Dafenghui community – Qingxiang – Yamei won the first Guangzhou community five-a-side Football championship.Bronze wars:Huang lian bulb 3:6 dongguan bibo third war war on time at half past three in the afternoon, huang lian bulb and dongguan bibo fierce competition, two teams in the tournament have been met, the game scene is very fierce, the ups and downs, so the game is played with huang lian bulb in the semi-final of force and energy are very big,So the rhythm of the first half was dongguan Bibo master at the foot, the score is also so, the second half of the yellow ball edge launched a fierce counter-attack but it was too late, finally Dongguan Bibo won the third place!The final:Dafeng hui xiang, deqing community – Asian American 4:1 bibo madman Ontario dafeng hui xiang, deqing community – between America and bibo lunatic protech is fierce, the final two teams is to participate in this year guangdong team super league configured, power to be reckoned with, the two sides in the group had a meet, dafeng – celebrating xiang hui community, Asian American firefight win easily,So this final they also showed more confidence, the progress of the game also confirmed this point, although the Blue wave madman Soge was able to match tit-for-tat in the first half, but in the second half, the dafeng hui community – Qingxiang yamei launched a more fierce attack and individual players showed more strength.Finally, Dafeng Hui community — Qingxiang • Yamei narrowly won the first Guangdong Super Cup 2021 Guangzhou community five-man football championship!Take photos with top four awards 2021 1st guangdong guangzhou super cup football community five winners list as follows: the first name: dafeng hui xiang, deqing community – Asian American: second bibo madman Ontario 3: dongguan bibo fourth: huang lian bulb fifth: proud winning football team sixth: long league seventh: the pleasure of camp 8: space athletic player:The 8 teams will be seeded next time and will not meet in the group stage.A total of 27 players scored 118 goals in the tournament, with an average difference of 3.625 goals and 7.375 goals per game. There were 15 yellow cards and 3 red cards.Information times reported headlines genuine final after more grand award ceremony, attended the ceremony guests: assistant editor in chief of the information times zhong-min peng, micro communities e home xue-feng he, sports director, general manager wei will all, five football association Liu Xiao, guangdong province, Hong Kong star football team manager, guangzhou municipal government investment adviser Lin Weizhi Sir.Nearly 200,000 people watched the first four games of the semifinal live on mobile platforms, while more than 100,000 people watched the games online at the same time.After the start of the first competition, we hope that the second Guangzhou Five-a-side Community Football Match will have a more sensational effect and influence!