“20220222” sought after nanning city marriage registration appointment hot

2022-04-25 0 By

February 22, 2022 falls on Tuesday, the 22nd day of the first lunar month.Many couples plan to get married on Feb 22 because the Chinese character for “2” sounds like “love”.February 17, The South China Morning Post reporter from nanning Civil Affairs Bureau to learn that, at present, Nanning urban reservation in February 22 marriage registration of the couple has exceeded 300.In the online reservation system for marriage registration, marriage registration offices in nanning city showed “full” on February 22.On the morning of February 17, the reporter found through the autonomous region’s online booking system for marriage registration, nanning city marriage registration offices on February 22, each booking time show “full”.There are still many reservations for The 21st and 23rd.Nanning City Qingxiu district marriage registration office staff said that recently, there have been calls from citizens to inquire about February 22 for marriage registration matters, “On February 16, we released the online booking system for marriage registration booking number, soon full.Those who fail to make an online reservation can wait in line at the site on the same day.Considering that there will be a large number of people applying for marriage registration on that day, it is recommended that people reasonably plan their time and try their best to register at the wrong time.Mo Yiheng, deputy director of social affairs department of Nanning Civil Affairs Bureau, said that due to the high demand for marriage registration on February 22, the civil affairs department has arranged to increase the reservation number appropriately, and the number will be released at the marriage registration office on the same day.At the same time, the urban civil affairs bureau will increase the number of people to the marriage registration office to assist in the work, and according to the actual situation, the corresponding extension of working hours.Civil affairs authorities have reminded people to wear masks, take personal protection, take temperature measurements, and check their health codes and travel cards when entering marriage registration offices to prevent and control the epidemic.”Registration is not recommended during epidemic prevention and control.People who want to get married do not have to stick to any special day. Every day is a good day as long as they have a good relationship.”Mo yiheng said.