No.410 love of the “uncrowned king” of the Winter Olympics

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With his own life skating feather raw string started skating at the age of 4, 2014 the age of 19, feather raw string in sochi practice and Chinese player 闫涵 collision, fell head injuries, blood, ice in a simple dress after finished the race, 8 times jump fell down five times, everyone thought he would give up the game, but he still adhere to the race,After the race, he said he would continue to finish the race even if his leg was broken.Yuzuru Hanyu won the final event of the Sochi Winter Olympics.He was skating with his life.At the end of many of his games, he would kiss the ice, this difficult action does not win extra points, but because his fans like it, he would kiss the ice deeply every time, he said he was kissing the ice with his life.Maltese Skater Janice, who eats six bean buns a day, was 18 when she started snowboarding. Most skaters have been practicing since childhood, so she was told it was too late.With the help of her father, she transformed a commercial vehicle into a “moving house” so that she could travel to different places for training and was thrilled with every breakthrough in the competition.”I want people to see that even though I was a late starter, I really put my heart into it and that with enough determination and passion, you can achieve anything, no matter what age or background, and don’t feel like ‘old people’ don’t have opportunities,” she stressed.Returning to the sport with love, red-haired Shaun White has written a legend with love, a veteran of four Winter Olympics and a three-time snowboarding champion.In 2006 and 2010, he won gold MEDALS in Turin and Vancouver respectively. In 2014, he failed to defend his title and finished fourth in Sochi Winter Olympics. He left snowboarding to pursue a career in music, film and business, but decided to return to the Olympics because of his passion for snowboarding.In 2017, she broke her head while performing a highly difficult movement at 1440 degrees in training and received 62 stitches. Three months later, she officially came back and qualified for the Winter Olympics.She won again at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.”I love snowboarding so much,” he wrote on social media. “It’s given me purpose and brought me closer to my family.I’m very proud of everything I’ve put into this program and helped it grow.I can’t wait to see the next generation of snowboarders continue to push the envelope.”