Notice on handling related business of vehicle driving control in prefectural area during epidemic period

2022-04-25 0 By

About during the outbreak of the state to handle the horse tube announcements about the business state of the motor vehicle drivers and drivers: the influence of the state of epidemic situation since march, part of the public security traffic management business suspension, with the approval of the state public security bureau, provincial bureau of public security traffic administration asking agree that matters regarding the notice is as follows: one, the motor vehicle business.If motor vehicle inspection cannot be carried out due to epidemic situation, it shall be carried out within one month after the lifting of epidemic containment, and failure to carry out inspection within this period shall not be penalized.Ii. Driving license business.If the driver’s license cannot be renewed due to the epidemic or the driver’s test expires, the application period shall be postponed after the epidemic containment is lifted.This notice.Your travel safety, is our biggest concern yanbian traffic police, at your side