Rain: Qiu Chengbin Qiu Mu Xi twenty-four solar terms poem

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“Rain water” author: Qiu Chengbin Earth gas rise clouds melt oil rain Vegetation sprouts new green otter row fish sacrifice river open big wild geese fly north spring Meiyu February 19, 2000 Part notes 1.Earth qi: the qi in the earth.Oil rain: Spring rain.There is a saying that spring rain is as precious as oil, which means spring rain is precious as oil.3. Budding: Budding.4. Otter: An animal of the genus Otter in the Ferret family.Row the fish: Otters line up their catch on the river bank.6. Sacrificial river opening: the icing of the sacrificial river opening.Spring plum: Plum blossom in spring.8. Blue: strong aroma.The air rises into clouds, clouds into spring rain.Plants sprout new green.Otters begin to catch fish and line the banks like a sacrificial river.Wild geese began to fly north, spring plum in the rain season open gorgeous, rich fragrance.Winter jasmine Qiu Muxi photography author: Qiu Chengbin (word: Wood Xi, number: Six not lay, also known as Qiu Muxi, Qiu Liubu, tianzhu scholars, Buddhist scholars, traditional culture scholars, tianzhu learning founder, Founder of Qiu Song, Founder of Qiu Li, travel columnist, poet.The author of “Unlocking the Pearl,”Praise of China “and” song of the Yellow River “, “snow mountain sacred lake” ode to the mountain stream “, “mount tai” ode “through the mountain” ode to the stone forest “” –” ode to the students, the chapter grave “ode to the pomegranate, the north wangzhuang” ode to the teacher, “” women’s” ode to the mother “, “huangshan” ode “ChunTianSong” the preface to decrypt the day bead “four seasons” ode to the Tibet “harvest moon chang left sleeve, the wood grain”Fu Xi Ode”, “Ode to the Yellow Emperor”, “Ode to Shandong”, “Ode to May Day” and “Twenty Years old time” are qiu Chengbin’s famous odes.)