Red Lake Management Office: “March eighth” tour red base to watch migratory bird scenery

2022-04-25 0 By

Spring is in the air in March.In order to celebrate the International Women’s Day and enrich women’s spare time, the chihu Lake management office organized a tour of the red base on March 8 to watch migratory birds.At 10 a.m., the team will leave for Pengwan Village and go sightseeing at the former site of Chihu Guerrillas, tracing the red journey, receiving red education and feeling the revolutionary feelings.At the scene of the activity, the group felt the strong red atmosphere through murals, photos and old objects used by soldiers in the past, reviewed the revolutionary deeds of Chihu guerrillas, and enhanced their understanding of the red history of Chihu.Then visit Chihu Wetland to enjoy migratory bird scenery.Through this activity, relive the history of red, inherit the red gene, the participants have said that benefit, in the future will be more full of spirit into the work, learning the revolutionary fighting spirit of martyrs, in their own work to shine, and strive to contribute to the economic and social development of Chihu women.(Chen Lianggui)