The novel coronavirus is changing. Are vaccines still effective?

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Since the discovery of the new coronavirus variant strains delta and Omicron, the pandemic has spread globally and intensified in many countries around the world.Since October 2021, delta-virus outbreaks have occurred in manzhouli, Harbin, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Dongguan, Xi ‘an, Henan and other places.On January 8, tests in Tianjin found two patients infected with Omicron, and on January 11, there were 40 positive cases.On January 10, two positive cases of local nucleic acid were detected in anyang city, Henan Province.Via the genome sequencing, 2 cases of local infection are the Mick Dijon variants, tianjin jinnan existing local outbreak and the same chain of transmission, epidemiological investigation, the anyang city this outbreak source of infection for December 28, 2021, returning to anyang city from tianjin jinnan tangyin an undergraduate students, many people in the local have contracted.The Omicron is much more contagious than the previous Delta.According to the report: Common symptoms of Omicron: 73% runny nose, 68% headache, 64% fatigue, 60% sneezing and sore throat.According to the report, the results of the study showed that the vaccine was still effective at preventing progression to severe disease and death rates, with an efficacy rate of 80 to 90 percent.In recent months, patients infected after vaccination are mainly mild and common, and the incidence of severe illness in China is significantly lower than before vaccination, and the death of patients solely due to COVID-19 is very rare.Vaccination does not guarantee 100% immunity, but it can greatly reduce the incidence of disease, and when it does occur, the symptoms are mild, the duration of the disease is short, and the incidence of severe illness is rare.Vaccination is the most important and economical measure to prevent respiratory tract infectious diseases. It is recommended that people who have no contraindications to vaccination complete the whole course of vaccination as soon as possible.At present, the epidemic prevention situation is severe. Wear a mask when going out, go to crowded places rarely, do not eat together, do not go to indoor enclosed public Spaces when it is not necessary, and wash hands and face when going to public places.Winter to prevent personnel infection, but also to prevent contact with items.Strictly prevent overseas import, reduce the entry of foreign personnel, and prevent people and objects, especially port cities and cold chain freight link is the top priority. It is recommended not to import frozen products unless necessary.It is suggested that teachers, train service personnel, flight attendants, canteen and restaurant staff, express delivery personnel, shop sales personnel, window staff of government departments, port cargo detection and cargo handling personnel should take nucleic acid test regularly just like medical personnel.Transferred from wechat public platform: Yijiang Clear Water