Visual Diary January 2022 (ii)

2022-04-25 0 By

East Railway Station in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, Jan 16, 2017.On January 17, the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush mobilization and pledge meeting was held at 8:30 at Nanchong Railway Station in Sichuan province.A train attendant on the G2238 high-speed train in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 18, 2018.People sit on a C951 intercity train in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 19, 2019.Jan 20, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.Xiguan community turntable epidemic prevention mouth, people need to scan site code.Jan 21, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.A street vendor of baked buns and sweet potatoes.Yangcheng, Shanxi Province, Jan. 22.Snow, parents and children skiing on the slope.January 23, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.The administrator of Xiguan Community grid posted the identification card of the responsible person of “five packages and one control” and volunteered to submit a letter of commitment on the door of a returned person from another province.Jan 24, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.People skiing and playing in Huize Park.Yangcheng, Shanxi Province, Jan. 25.Pan Yuanlong of Bei Anyang village and his wife drive a tricycle to fry popcorn and wander around the surrounding area.Stir-fry two jin of corn for five yuan.Jan. 26 in Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.Fifty – year – old Guo Sulian, in huizeyuan snow blowing trumpet practice, do not have some fun.Yangcheng, Shanxi Province, Jan. 27.To welcome the New Year, Huize Park is decorated with large craft lanterns.Yangcheng, Shanxi Province, Jan. 27.Wang Yuzhen, a college student, helps her parents sell persimmon cakes on the street for 15 yuan a kilo during winter vacation.Jan 29, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.A couple selling Runcheng date cake.The buns are made of home-grown wheat and processed with traditional techniques, they said.January 30, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.County football field nucleic acid testing point.January 30, Yangcheng, Shanxi Province.On New Year’s Eve, every family sticks couplets.