Cheng Yi Yuan Bingyan their new play business, Valentine’s Day sun sweet stills, net friend: hit

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On the special day of Valentine’s Day, some people are happy and some are sad.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian chose this day to announce their divorce, but more couples are enjoying the romantic beauty of Valentine’s Day.On such a special day, not only the streets are full of flowers, the air seems to be filled with sweet breath.The same is true for ordinary people, but celebrities are not far behind.Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan each new play also came out of business, in valentine’s Day on the sun posted a sweet still, net users feeling: hit.South Wind Knows What I Mean, starring Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi, will open the show.They say, “You are the favorite, you are the exception, happy Valentine’s Day.”Love and gentleness, only you can see, happy Valentine’s Day.With touching copy and beautiful stills, The valentine’s Day opening of South Wind knows My Mind has stirred the hearts of fans.Cheng Yi’s other work, Aloes like Dust, is a sadomasochistic drama. Fans of the original work once ran away because they did not want to see the sadomasochistic love between Ying Yuan and Yan Dan.Nevertheless abuse love to return abuse love, should some business still want to have.Should yuan and Yan Light or in a fit.When ying Yuan’s nose against the pale brow, the picture has a kind of indescribable warmth and beauty, the air is also covered with a different kind of pure and fresh.Both of Cheng Yi’s new dramas have attracted a lot of attention, occasionally teasing fans, and Yuen bingyan is not far behind.On February 14, Yuan Bingyan and Liu Xueyi starred in the falling Flower season and meet you “also basked in a male and female main interaction of the tidings bless everyone happy Valentine’s Day – men and women deep feeling at the moment of looking at the spark of love, as if there are countless careful heart collapse from the chest.Between the flash of lightning is the sincere feeling of red coagulation and brocade several lives, but also the obsession of “coloured glaze” powder through the past life.Deep feeling and play cruel brocade, sweet and shy red coagulation, this is not love what?It’s a valentine’s Day tidbits that really hit the hearts of fans.This wave of operation who can not help a burst of applause.In 2022, “Falling Flowers time to Meet you again” and “Aloes like Dust” may appear one by one.But the most promising is “The South Wind Knows What I Want.”In such a special day, Yuan Bingyan and Chengyi new play their respective exposure to the business, also hope that their new play are big, the first couple meet peak, live up to the original encounter.