Former TVB actress Younger brother 24 years old recently revealed, the sun handsome like extremely Wang Haoxin Wu Zun hybrid

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When it comes to yao Leyi, a 48-year-old Hong Kong artist, I believe many netizens are familiar with her. During her time in TVB, Yao Leyi brought many wonderful works to the audience.However, since Yao leyi married her husband Wu Junkuang in 2012, she has gradually retired from her work in front of the screen to focus on raising her husband and children at home.Although the current Yao Leyi has rarely appeared in front of the screen, but now she is still very active in the social platform, has not left the line of sight of netizens.It is believed that the netizens who pay attention to Yao Leyi’s news should be from time to time on her social media platform to see her sharing some of the life of interaction with her daughter, and Yao Leyi will live broadcast the interaction with the netizens on the short video platform.But in recent days, Yao Leyi said he is very miss the film in Shenzhen brother, have to say that many people do not know the original Yao Leyi has a brother, and the other side is fully smaller than Yao Leyi 24 years old.Therefore, after many netizens saw this news, they were surprised. Some netizens even said that If Yao Leyi got married and had children earlier, she could have a child as big as her brother.As for yao leyi’s 24-year-old brother, the post shows him holding a cat and then smiling back at the camera.Although Yao leyi’s brother looks dark, his facial features are pretty and he always looks sunny.Netizens after seeing this dynamic is also praised Yao Leyi’s brother is very handsome, everyone said: “brother is so handsome”, “so handsome can debut like my sister”, “brother so beautiful boy married,” a bit like Wu Zun and Wang Haoxin combination “.Indeed, from Yao Leyi shared her brother’s recent situation, we can see that he is in his prime of life and gives us a feeling of youth and sunshine. No wonder after sharing it, netizens can not help but praise it.In fact, Yao leyi shared a photo with her younger brother many years ago, and it is clear from the photo that his skin color was even darker than now.But when he was a child, he had good features and a high nose. Now he has grown into a handsome young man.Although the age gap between the two siblings is relatively large, but this does not affect the deep feelings between the two people, on the contrary, Yao Leyi also very cherish this brother.Photos shared in the past show the family going on trips together from time to time and getting together to celebrate his birthday.And that year’s brother, blink of an eye also grew up, do not know the other side has meaning to also join the entertainment circle, with sister Yao Leyi development in the circle.I believe that if Yao Leyi’s brother has the idea of entering the line at that time, plus the blessing of Yao Leyi behind, maybe the development of minutes can surpass sister Yao Leyi.But these are just beside the point, as for the other side wants to enter the line, we also don’t know, and if there is such an idea, I believe you will be very supportive of him, everyone in front of the screen, what do you think about this?