The meaning of life lies in the essence of life, so what is the essence of life

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For plants, the meaning of fertile land is to provide food;For herbivores, plants provide energy;For carnivorous animals, other animals also provide energy.The meaning here is the value of the object’s existence relative to the subject.The meaning of human life is the value of human life as an object to the subject.But what is this subject?There are several possible scenarios: First, the subject is some other organism, such as a microorganism.When people die, they return to nature, and there are microbes at work.And, of course, there are sky burials for other predators to eat.Either way, for a microbe or a carnivore, a dead person provides energy.That’s what people are worth to them.Second, this subject is human society.People live in society, and society provides a platform for everyone to survive.On this platform, everyone is contributing their own strength, and the strength of contribution is the value to the society.Third, this subject is the body organ of life.The organs of life include the heart, lungs, gonads, urinary system, reproductive system, brain tissue and so on.These organs are made up of a few basic elements and cells.Such as brain cells, epithelial cells and so on.These cells and organs constitute a person, and man is the object of the organs and cells.As an object, man also contains the subject.The value of life is to provide a platform for these cells.Value is a relative concept, further exploration, we find that the object to maintain the existence of the subject, is the meaning of the object.Existence is the essence of life, and indeed of all matter.Life is a form of physical existence.Life has agency, the ability to learn, the ability to recognize, the ability to think.Life is a special form of matter in the evolution. In addition to life, there are many inorganic substances, such as stone, iron ore, water, air and so on.Matter exists in myriad forms, and life is only one of them.Life is evolved from matter.After studying biology and chemistry, we can learn that people and other living things are made up of basic chemical elements.Non-living things are also made of these elements.The origin of matter tracing is energy. The Big Bang is the explosion of energy. A small part of energy is converted into matter, and elementary particles are generated.A small fraction of the compound is organic molecules, and some of the organic molecules make up DNA, and in some serendipity of circumstances, the protocell is born.From there, life is born, cells are dividing, more life is born, and a small fraction of that, because in the process of division, the genes are mutated, deformed cells are formed, and a small fraction of that ADAPTS to the environment, and new species are born, new life is born, and that’s Darwin’s origin of species.Therefore, life is a form of energy that has evolved since the birth of the universe.So today’s question is: What do you think is the meaning of life?