The special Spring Festival | xin-jian li: about five changes in tourism industry and the five thinking

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The hope for the industry is that those who have remained in the travel industry over the past two years, especially in 2021, have shown enough resilience.In 2022, we will still face many difficulties. Only by carrying on and surviving, can we see a new dawn.The development of tourism in 2021 has been fixed in the historical process, but the practices and events in the tourism industry in 2021 will still affect the development in 2022 and beyond.Among them, there are big changes worth paying attention to: first, the development strategy of each district has been introduced.2021 was the start of the implementation of “difference”, is also a year of industry development strategy, for the next five years in this year, including the “difference” culture and tourism development planning, tourism development planning, cultural development planning and some provinces fusion quality development plan of the text brigade were released, clear strategy, the outline of the future.Secondly, the cultural and tourism industry in Beijing, Zhejiang, Henan and other provinces has undergone phenomenal changes.Universal studios including Beijing grand visits that brigade headquarters and jointly issued on the common prosperity of zhejiang province demonstration area construction of culture and tourism development in the field of roadmap, henan in the tang dynasty palace banquet open the outstanding traditional culture to break the circle of innovation continues to deepen, the enlightenment and reference to the national tourism development has positive role.And, of course, the winds of the metasverse blow strangely hard.Third, take advantage of this opportunity to actively respond to national strategies and major regional development strategies.The continuous development of red tourism during the centenary of the Founding of the CPC, the release and holding of 100 red tourism routes during the centenary of the founding of the CPC, and the National Red Tourism Creative Design Competition for College students.Under the guidance of the rural revitalization strategy, enterprises in the head of rural tourism development, increase investment, innovation mode, e-commerce power, farm problem-solving;New progress has been made in exploring the mechanism of value transformation. Whether it is the official release of five national parks or the in-depth promotion of national cultural parks such as the Long March of the Great Wall, these are all positive explorations under the requirements of ecological civilization and value transformation, and have a lasting impact on establishing a new view of resources, expanding the opening of resources and increasing the balance of resource conservation.Fourth, under the social media, blessing, as the rise of young consumer groups and related businesses own efforts, including the old scenic spot pattern formed a strong challenge to both the tourism industry, tourism, the old and new kinetic energy conversion in some provinces and regions have started, don’t make up his mind to change, if established firms and scenic spotThe days ahead are likely to get tougher, and so is the destination.Fifth, under the requirements of “three innovations and one high”, tourism development has both opportunities and challenges.On domestic and international macroeconomic binary pattern in order to build, but subject to the new outbreak, entry and exit by pressing the pause button, the binary pattern of tourism industry, mainly for domestic circulation but also for domestic epidemic phenomenon, make domestic circulation in intermittent fusing, more show the provinces and cities in large cycle, has prompted some new changes have taken place in the tourism industry.Overall, the travel industry will continue to struggle and most travel companies will continue to struggle.Although tourism and continue to adhere to the tourism enterprises showed great toughness, but the tourism industry is also experiencing team in the past year big adjustment, industry, industrial ecological adjustment, the change of the respect such as development expected big adjustment, to increase new difficulties, to tourism development in 2022 also adds a new variable to the sustainable development of the industry.At this difficult moment, it is more important to think rationally and calmly: First, how to view the development of micro-travel?Micro travel is an important choice to release the demand for leisure travel for consumers who are unable to travel long distances or even across borders as before 2020.For tourism enterprises and destinations unable to operate inbound and outbound tourism and domestic long-distance tourism, micro-travel is an important measure to help overcome difficulties and maintain the supply system.However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to whether micro-travel can become a major business for tourist destinations and the tourism industry as a whole.In the context of declining investment momentum and uncertain expectations, it is also worth watching whether micro-travel and even peripheral travel can attract enough incremental investment and ultimately drive the increase of high-quality supply during the so-called window period of overseas return of high-spending people and localization of long-distance travel people’s consumption.If in the next development, on the travel no systematic support, innovative cognition, whether in the cities of travel or vacation around, including rural tourism, the development of the continued momentum will face problems, micro socialization will travel market is restricted, micro travel size scale and economic benefits, etc are only supplementary and even temporarily.(source:Beijing, for example, saw 190 million domestic tourists outside Beijing in 2019, spending 530.6 billion yuan, or 2,793 yuan per capita, and 130 million citizens traveling inside Beijing, spending 55.9 billion yuan, or 430 yuan per capita. But by 2020, 97.13 million domestic tourists outside Beijing will spend 251.39 billion yuan, or 2,588 yuan per capita, and 86.39 million citizens traveling inside Beijing.Spending 36.7 billion yuan, per capita 423 yuan, the total scale decreased significantly, per capita spending also decreased (and the United Nations World Tourism Organization statistics, 2019 international tourism per capita spending 1000 DOLLARS, 2020 1300 dollars, 2021 estimated 1500 dollars, showing an upward trend).Although local leisure but also the inevitable of the good life, the life world and fusion is an important trend of the world, local leisure also need deep digging and far from release and potential, but the short term, the remote passenger flow after reducing the local consumption contribution to tourism as a whole from the “bank losses DiNa fill” there are quite a distance, the future for a period of time,The extrusion of “inside the levee” to “outside the levee” is just like the extrusion of “inside the levee” to “inside the levee”, which needs to be alleviated by hierarchical adaptation and coordinated promotion.In addition, how to improve economic benefits (including tourism benefits) besides social benefits (including cultural benefits) also needs to explore.Second, how to view the development of research tourism?The “double reduction” policy of primary and secondary schools is good for the development environment of research tourism, but research tourism should be viewed from two aspects.On the one hand, under the influence of the epidemic, the student group’s research tourism is mainly outdoor, art, sports, local consumption, and other aspects. Moreover, because the school is crowded, it is the front line of epidemic prevention and control, so the market of the research tourism organized by the school is not optimistic in the short term.The traditional emphasis on the study of culture should gradually shift to the approach of paying equal attention to the study of culture and the study of nature.Cultural study is an important way to inherit excellent traditional culture, while nature study is an important way to re-establish children’s love of nature, and even to improve children’s innovation ability, of course, it is also an important way to improve outdoor survival ability.It is important to recognize the importance of children’s participation in nature studies from a neurobiological perspective.The current studies of the market, on the other hand, is a little narrow, in general, adult oriented studies space is not open, to be cracked and deepen, including how to use custom tourism model of deep studies of adult market, under the background of fusion in the journey, and how to promote the adult studies tourism, attaining the state of Aristotle said Richard know.Research travel should not stop at the visual and auditory level of pleasure.Using James’s classification, we can probably say that travel should not just be “pleasure-seeking behavior,” but should be “pleasure-seeking behavior.”Or as Chen Jiaying said, tourism should not only be “emotional joy”, but also “joy of will and intention”.Third, how to view immersive product development?The use of scientific and technological means to enhance the sense of immersion deserves high attention and affirmation, which is also an important means and path to promote the development of tourism, especially the promotion of tourism performance and space activation.But it also should pay attention to, on the one hand, the current for technology assignment can travel travel, digital fu cognitive and larger limitations, from the point of view of culture resources value transformation, can technology assignment is mainly embodied in the representation has or had some culture in digital way, mainly is the creative level, and innovative development is not enough,We haven’t seen the breakthrough cultural form and presentation mode that originated from the practice of tourism in China.On the other hand, there is a danger that the integration of culture and travel, which is enabled by technology, will go astray. It seems that immersive experience cannot be separated from technology.In reality, technology is just one way to create an immersive experience.Science and technology can indeed expand and optimize the scene and atmosphere of immersion to a large extent. However, as a state of experience, immersion can be either through technology or the original mode. The core lies not in the presence of science and technology elements, but in the presence of appropriate experience content and experience effects.What’s more, there are differences of opinion as to whether immersion or disconnection is more conducive to cognition and experience.The supply of content without flow belongs to “zombie supply” (as zombie enterprises), and the supply of flow without content belongs to cheating and abducting (such as “filter scenic spots”).Similarly, if there is content without immersion, it will affect the current consumer’s involvement. If there is content without immersion, it will only bring short-term pleasure.Furthermore, immersion does not equal interaction, which plays an important role in the travel experience.The protective, universal and universally beneficial public cultural services and the protective and salvageable digital reproduction of cultural relics deserve great attention, but the development space of virtual tourism remains to be seen.Fourth, how to view the current development dilemma?The pandemic has had a severe and even devastating impact on the entire tourism industry, which is not what any travel industry wants. However, it is important to analyze rationally and deeply how much of the current difficulties can be attributed to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and how much to the long-term accumulation of problems.For example, we need to think about whether we have done enough to build up innovation momentum and strengthen risk building in the past.Is the past development derived from the self-sustaining ability of enterprises or the influence of trends and environmental support?On the other hand, the situation of culture and tourism will be different in the face of difficulties.Culture can be transmitted online, while tourism needs to be experienced locally. In addition, the development of online may occupy the time of local experience. Therefore, in addition to the integration of tourism on the basis of technology empowerment, there is also the possibility of cultural and tourism departure.In the new development period, how to deal with the problems of the on-line and off-line operations and coordinated development of culture and tourism, and how to face the pattern changes and sustainable momentum of state-owned and private tourism enterprises after the epidemic brings different impacts.How to re-examine the relationship between the appearance of the current ticket economy fade out and the second consumption injection and the trend cognition of the construction of the consumption scene and the target value mining (subject and object, prospect and background of the new understanding) after the emergency move of ticket price exemption, also need to be paid attention to.Even under the influence of the fading demographic dividend and the epidemic, it is urgent to put on the agenda how to change from the original low-wage development model based on sufficient labor force to the intelligent development model based on increasing the application of science and technology.Fifth, how to judge the driving force of tourism development?Tourism is an important indicator of people’s better life, so there is no doubt that the growth momentum of tourism is always there.And the travel industry desperately needs that kind of confidence and encouragement.However, there is also the need for a calm and rational understanding of tourism demand.Over the past two years, people have been unable to travel on their own because of the epidemic. Is the demand for tourism constantly being precipitated and waiting to break ground, or is it being diluted by the economic situation and precautionary savings?Especially under the current situation of “shrinking demand, supply shock and weak expectation”, I’m afraid we still need to make objective judgments.At the same time, is the return of high quality demand caused by the epidemic a temporary return or a trend change?Is periphery swim after all temporary move or trend direction?High-end consumption or high quality surrounding and rural tourism, is it worth heavy warehouse?The answers to these questions are closely related to judgments about whether these changes are temporary or trend.In addition.Driven by the Factors of Beijing Winter Olympics, the scale of ice and snow tourism continues to expand, but the participation of 300 million people in ice and snow is mainly experiential participation, and its market depth and stickiness are still relatively low. How to transform the development concept of ice and snow tourism from sports tourism to tourism sports still needs to be further explored.I hope that in 2022, local epidemic prevention and control efforts will be as precise and precise as those in Shanghai. As a result, the social economy will recover and prosper.I hope that in 2022, the tourism industry will be able to restart, restructure its formats and reunite its driving forces. Moreover, the tourism industry will be able to reconstruct its pattern, reshape its model and regenerate its vitality after the disaster.(Originally published in Lixinjian Tourism Library)