A woman in Zhejiang province who wore a backless dress to sell a car live broadcast was blocked for repeatedly making indescribable calls, and the company has cancelled its contract

2022-04-27 0 By

Guide language: one woman live broadcast sells a car, however by platform seal number, how is this to return a responsibility?Let’s take a look.Some time ago, a platform in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, there was a woman in the live commentary of various cars, the netizens themselves are very interested in the car, they stayed in the studio for a while, but, the netizens found that there was something wrong with the female anchor.In the picture, the woman wearing a scoop-back outfit, sometimes answer netizens on a barrage of questions, but the host always puzzling when speaking of the sound, the sound netizens feel very uncomfortable, and most are men in the studio, one wonders if the anchor was suspected of grazing, sure enough it was not long before,The studio and the blogger were banned by the platform, and the woman’s home page was identified as a Zhejiang automobile Company, which later released a statement saying it had terminated its contract with the woman.Everyone has left a message, express their views.Many netizens said that the platform did right, the female anchor’s practice itself has a serious edge suspicion, there must be other netizens found something wrong, reported in the live broadcast room, for such things, the netizens are almost zero tolerance attitude.See here, small make up want to say, now the Internet is developing rapidly, there are a lot of industry will depend on the development of network, some sales enterprise but also on the Internet that the clippers, a high return, however, make chip is not the correct method, to improve sales people for such a thing will not tolerate, do just self-destructive future, the reasonable and lawful is basic.Conclusion: A woman live selling a car issued a strange cry was the platform emergency stop.