Educated youth past: Yunnan queue-jumping for 5 years, married a girl of Yi nationality, took her back to Shanghai

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Jiang Wanli he has more than 70 years old this year Has ten years of retirement, now the body is still hale and hearty, Jiang Wanli after retirement, are addicted to playing chess, often in the park and their age old man play chess together, sometimes, with his wife Zhao Manchun Jiang Wanli chess skill is far from what we compared with his wife, three plate can only win one dish,And it was his wife who let him.Jiang Wanli and his wife Zhao Manchun are in the queue when they met, two people or first love, married to now has been very good feelings.Jiang Wanli have two children, hai-yang jiang is the eldest son, when I was a child is naughty, the academic record is not good, later not to go to college, when a lifetime workers, now the day is patchy, daughter McDevitt is Jiang Wanli pride, graduated from tsinghua university, Peking University teacher, is now and McDevitt husband, and my father-in-law and mother-in-law are teachers, now settled in Beijing.Remembered the jump the queue, Jiang Wanli the most lucky thing, is met now, Zhao Manchun Zhao Manchun yi girl, 1968, Jiang Wanli graduate from high school, in the call of the country’s educated youth to accept re-education poor farmers in the countryside, the streets are full of propaganda “educated youth the most glorious, rural is a nice place, go a long way”,At that time, Jiang Wanli did not hesitate to join the mighty educated youth team and went to Yunnan.Because of the limited conditions at that time, some educated youth is living in the home, Jiang Wanli just lived in the spring home, Zhao Manchun has three brothers and sisters, Zhao Manchun is the eldest brother of the family, Zhao Manchun is one year younger than Jiang Wanli.When Jiang Wanli came, Zhao Manchun’s father was preparing to give his daughter a blind date, the matchmaker has said good, just meet, after Jiang Wanli came, Zhao Manchun’s blind date is nothing.Although Jiang Wanli lived in Zhao Manchun’s home, he had to go to the educated youth canteen to eat. The educated youth’s rations were also in the canteen, and special members were responsible for cooking for the educated youth.To cut in line is the worst in the summer, the weather was very hot, but do not over of work every day, mostly educated youth busy from morning to night, educated youth also does not have any entertainment activities at ordinary times, we get together once in a while, show the talent, some educated youth with Musical Instruments, entertaining, time is also faster.To cut in line in the second year, yunnan Jiang Wanli injured at work, captain cheng-jie li took the Jiang Wanli to institutes of bandage on the team, have a good rest after you come back to let him in Zhao Manchun home, work on things first put a put, care Jiang Wanli work falls in the Zhao Manchun head, Jiang Wanli just sprained foot, walking is not convenient at ordinary times, need someone to help.Zhao Manchun is a very careful and cheerful girl, jiang Wanli is also very good, for two young people in love, this period of time to get along, two people also have a good impression of each other.The feelings of two people who did not say exports, has been hidden in the heart, until 1971, Zhao Manchun’s father began to introduce his daughter Zhao Manchun, because the spring sister is not young, and Zhao Manchun himself is not young, the marriage.Zhao Manchun introduced her father to the object, told Jiang Wanli, in fact, Zhao Manchun is forcing Jiang Wanli to confess to her, Jiang Wanli listened to, the in the mind is very anxious, thinking that there is no chance to say, Jiang Wanli mustered the courage to confess zhao Manchun.1972 Zhao Man chunhe Jiang Wanli married, in the second year of marriage, Jiang Wanli received the return notice, originally want to return to Shanghai together with Zhao Manchun Jiang Wanli, but because the conditions do not allow, Jiang Wanli alone had returned to the city first, Zhao Manchun already pregnant with pregnant at this time, when he left Jiang Wanli himself only 20 yuan to Zhao Manchun.After returning to Shanghai, Jiang Took over his father’s job as a worker. More than half of his monthly salary was sent to Zhao Manchun, and the two men kept in touch by letter.It was not until 1975 that Jiang Wanli took Zhao Manchun and his son Zhao Haiyang to Shanghai. In order to take Zhao Manchun and his son to Shanghai, Jiang Wanli also took a lot of trouble. Later, Zhao Manchun gave birth to a daughter to Jiang Wanli, and the family of four lived a very happy life.After so many years, Jiang Wanli’s two children have grown up and have their own families. Jiang Wanli and his wife Zhao Manchun are also old. Although the life is very dull, for Jiang Wanli, he is very satisfied.