Folk tale: Gambling debts kill

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Yuanyang Creek is a famous scenic spot.Many lovers often linger in the brook, and the brook in the water yuanyang general affection lingering.This evening, a couple of lovers came to the stream, male called Xue Peng, female called Chen Juan, two childhood friends, feelings very sincere, just got married a few days ago.Xue Peng will go to the city cloth shop to be a clerk tomorrow, the newlyweds, once parting, how hard to give up.They sat under a tree, side by side, face to face, more intimate than a mandarin duck in a stream.Who knows, this parting has become forever.It turned out that Chen Juan’s father-in-law Xue GUI was a famous gambler in the countryside. He was good at cheating on dominoes and won nine out of ten.There is a rascal in the village named cow excrement, this person is idle, the east swing west swim to enter the rivers and lakes.He was a puncher, a singer, a talker, a boxer, a fortune-teller, a dealer, and a bookmaker.He had eaten Xue GUI’s loss in gambling, and then painstakingly pondering, also on the domino, means more than Xue GUI.Then began to induce Xue GUI into gambling, let him win in slowly calculating him.Although Xue GUI lost again and again, but not willing to leave the table, always want to turn over the money, finally lost the family property, leaving only a daughter-in-law.He did not give up, and finally lost his conscience, even his daughter-in-law bet.After all, Xue GUI did not dare to daughter-in-law to others, the child became bachelor how to do?So he divided his daughter-in-law into shares by night; he stayed the night with her and did not sell her for sex.He gambled all night and lost all night.All rascals are lotholes, besides cow excrement is a bachelor again, he already drool over Chen Juan, see trick succeed, satisfied unceasingly.Xue GUI had to tell his daughter-in-law when he got home. After hearing this, Chen Juan turned pale and her lips trembled.Feudal society called the minister died, the minister die disloyal;It is unfilial for the father to call his son dead.Chen Juan was a virtuous and filial woman. She dared not talk back to her father-in-law, but she was in great pain.How can you live up to your husband if you spend the night with cow shit?If not, it is disobedience and unfilial.Gambling was rife in this place, and it was common to bet on wives, children and daughters-in-law.There were only two ways for Chen Juan to go: to be crushed or to be tiled.Which way should she go?The night was deep.A gust of wind made it rain hard.In the sound of wind and rain, Xue GUI tossed and turned restlessly, wondering whether his daughter-in-law would obey.He knew that niushi was a rascal who was not easy to provoke, and he could play with his fists. If he was offended, he would not only have no place for himself, but also his daughter-in-law, and Xue Peng would be in danger of death.His love for his son forced him to sacrifice his daughter-in-law’s chastity.Thinking of this, he got up quickly, went to his daughter-in-law’s room and called to her door.He thought his daughter-in-law was fast asleep. He called out again, but there was no response.The light was on. Chen Juan, a diligent daughter-in-law, had never slept so soundly.Feeling strange, he pushed hard to open the door.Chen Juan was hanging in front of the bed, his legs weakening.Xue GUI is want to call for help, suddenly thought of this matter can not make public, a make public what is over: forced death daughter-in-law is guilty, how to explain to the child?Besides, what about the gambling debts of cow shit?He unhooked the sling, but It was too late to save Chen Juan, who was already cold.Daughter-in-law zhang big eyes with resentment, as if to his life, Xue GUI shuddered.After all, he is an old gambler, crafty, less than a bag of smoke kung fu, then plan to come to the heart, the corners of the mouth reveal a sly smile: “cow excrement, this see how you end up?”He immediately followed the plan…The next day, while he was sleeping soundly, he was woken up by someone outside, knocking heavily at his door.He confused eyes opened the door, the next four old woman called: “not good!Your daughter-in-law has hanged herself in front of the cow dung door. Hurry up!”Xue GUI pretended to be surprised and ran to the house of cow excrement. As soon as he saw the corpse of his daughter-in-law, he rushed up and shouted: “My daughter-in-law!Why did you die so miserably?Who has killed you, father will avenge you!”A fistful of tears, snivel, crying so bitter, onlookers of women all shed tears.Out of the human life, immediately reported to the county government.Not long time, the county has been to the scene, the mission for autopsy.And he himself looked on carefully, and said nothing.After a moment he looked back and nodded, as if he knew what he was doing.Magistrate wu whisper, with the plaintiff, the defendant back to ya, ascension hall case.The magistrate’s sharp eyes stared at Xue GUI and asked, “Why would your daughter-in-law hang in front of the cow excrement door?”Xue GUI say: “please adult ask cow excrement to know.”The cow excrement is busy to say: “small civilian really do not know, please adult clear inspect.”Xue GUI said, “IF I lose you in gambling, I will ask my daughter-in-law to come to your house and stay with you for the night to pay off my gambling debt.You ought not to have killed yourself, and hanged yourself at the door, and said she had committed suicide, to deceive your lordship.”Cow excrement say urgently: “last night I didn’t see Chen Juan at all, this is false lie!”The magistrate asked Xue GUI: “when did your daughter-in-law go to the cow excrement home?”Fearing that it might arouse suspicion, Xue GUI said, “Chen Juan left after midnight.”The magistrate asked again: “Why go so late?”Xue GUI said, “Her daughter-in-law was afraid of being embarrassed to be caught, so it was so late.”Magistrate round open eyes fierce knock once startled wood, drink way: “bold make difficulties for the people, dare to be dishonest in front of this official!Drag down to play thirty boards!”The defendant did not hit the plaintiff, the crowd watching the hall are confused.Xue GUI shouted, “The plaintiff was beaten, but the defendant got away with nothing. How is that?”The magistrate drank: “you dare to accuse others falsely, don’t hit you won’t be honest!”A meal say again: “quick say, how do you force dead daughter-in-law, impute cow excrement?”Xue GUI was surprised and thought, “Good god!How do you know that?I guess I have to confess.”But he saw the magistrate did not come up with evidence, but also deny.He kept Shouting, “Innocent, innocent!”County magistrate sees him not recruit, then life wu makes evidence content to come.Wuzuo immediately showed Chen trickling a pair of shoes.The magistrate pointed to the sole and said, “Xue GUI, what is this by yourself?”Zhang Xue GUI could not find his head and answered, “They are my daughter-in-law’s shoes.”The magistrate said: “This is evidence!You at home first forced to death daughter-in-law, and then carry the corpse, hanging in front of the cow excrement, move corpse to blame others, I say right?”Xue GUI heart wonder: county magistrate good health interests, as if present to see all this.He was hit on the spot and for a long time did not dare to say a word.Pointing to the sole of the shoe, the magistrate said: “It rained heavily at midnight last night. Chen Juan went to the house of cow dung, but there was no mud on the sole of the shoe.If xue GUI does not carry it, will Chen Juan’s body fly away by itself?”The crowd of onlookers in the hall sang in unison: “Your excellency wise!”Xue GUI had to confess in front of the evidence.Cow excrement swab forehead a sweat to the magistrate even knock three ring head, thanks not to die, stand up and think nothing can go, but also by the yamen handcuffs, with Xue GUI jailed together.The next morning, Xue GUI and cattle excrement into the city was escorted to the most lively vegetable market station cage show people.The yamen stood guard. On the wall was a paper announcing the county government, with a big red seal on it.All the people have come to onlookers, an old man read aloud: the county gambler’s blazing, gambler’s miscellaneous, gambler’s strange, cover the world second to none, the harm of gambling is extremely, is the production of waste, murder, adultery, immoral origin.Gambling is not divided, the country is not peaceful, the state is not prosperous, li shu is not strong.Today to find out that xue GUI, the flow of cow excrement is a local gambler, not cut the snake head, its poison is not removed, so severe punishment cow excrement ten years imprisonment, two days stand cage public, Xue GUI with the same crime, plus because of gambling forced life, move the body of the crime of five years imprisonment, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, stand cage two days.All the county officials and people, regardless of the rich and poor, regardless of high or low, there is a bad habit of gambling, wash their hands.Gambler, gambler limit three days period surrender, turn a deaf ear, double punishment.All gambling debts, no matter how big or small.All money, goods and hostages shall be abolished.Anyone who dares to collect gambling debts will be arrested and punished.Please follow this notice.A notice, gamblers surrendered thousands, handed over gambling piled up into a mountain, burned in public.The abolition of debt I do not know how many people laugh, how many family reunion.Once issued, the notice was just like an iron broom, sweeping away all gambling in the county. One or two of those who did not obey their orders suffered terribly. Some were put into prison, some were fined, some were put into prison, and some were beaten to death.Those who have merit will be rewarded, and those who voluntarily surrender in time will be exonerated.Immediately quartet stability, prosperity.