In Canton Tower, use monster charge to open the cloud walk “long standby” mode

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, Monster Charge and Guangzhou Tower reached a cooperation, officially settled in this landmark building.Monster Charge has service points in the ring channel on the first floor of Guangzhou Tower, Hui Li Xuan Shopping mall, parking lot, Baiyun Sightseeing Hall, West Square and other public areas, bringing a close guarantee of electricity renewal for the urban cloud walking journey.Guangzhou Tower is located at the intersection of guangzhou’s new central axis and the Pearl River Landscape Axis. It is currently the first tourist tower in China and the third in the world.Guangzhou Tower integrates city sightseeing, high altitude recreation, shopping and leisure functions into one, bringing rich leisure travel experience for citizens and tourists.”Tour Guangzhou, must visit Guangzhou tower” has become a resounding slogan of Guangzhou city tourism.For this cooperation, Monster Charge has designed a strongly targeted location and operation plan.Monster Charge has built a shared charging service network covering shopping, sightseeing, public service and other scenes based on the high traffic point of Guangzhou Tower.In addition, a large number of service points have been arranged in zhengjia Square, Tianhe City and other business districts near Guangzhou Tower.The function of borrowing and returning in different places supports citizens and tourists to choose service points according to their needs, and they can borrow and return along the travel route.The credit – free service eliminates the deposit threshold for users with standard credit scores.The three-in-one charging bank can meet the charging requirements of Android, Apple and Type-C at the same time, and meet the charging requirements of mainstream mobile electronic devices.Monster charging’s consideration of point location and polishing of the product improve the user experience.At the same time, Monster Charge’s solid and reliable Internet of Things technology ensures the real-time online of hundreds of shared charging banks in Guangzhou Tower, enabling users to safely and stably use charging services in underground parking lots with weak cell phone signals, shopping malls with crowded networks, and sightseeing halls hundreds of meters above the ground.It is understood that monster charging independent research and development of the underlying communication protocol adopted multi-protocol channel compensation mechanism, in the acquisition of large equipment real-time data at the same time, can stably control equipment, precision can reach each charging treasure, charging of battery, such as temperature, power, use the state data are under the close monitoring of the system.In terms of operation service, Monster Charge also has a complete service system, providing clear service guarantee for merchants in terms of distribution and installation, hardware inspection, delivery and replenishment, hardware maintenance and emergency operation and maintenance.Monster Charge can also optimize the mini program with the help of shared charging banks at the operating end and dynamically adjust the number of charging banks in a specific cabinet according to local usage.This not only reduces the waste of power bank resources, but also ensures that users can borrow and return power during use.At present, monster Charge relies on technological innovation and refined operation strategy, has joined hands with many excellent partners, layout a large number of quality points.As of September 30, 2021, Monster Charge had 820,000 POIS (points) in China, with 273 million cumulative registered users.Charge in guangzhou, a monster with QiuDaShu lemon tea, grain’d famous chain brand establishment cooperation, such as grid to make use of the chain store network rapidly expand business landscape, and the contour fashion tianhe commercial plaza, guangzhou baiyun airport traffic point to the key breakthrough, now in guangzhou tower, to further promote the brand in the guangzhou area coverage.As merchant resources continue to charge Monster, the virtuous cycle of scale effect and network effect is providing sustainable development power for Monster, promoting it to continuously improve service network, improve operation level, adhere to technological innovation and strengthen brand building.It is foreseeable that in the future, in more and more cities and regions, Monster Charge’s shared charging service network will help users to open up wonderful urban life.