Shuxiang shi River “riddle” to celebrate yuanxiao

2022-04-27 0 By

“The answer is: two pointy ends and a vegetable.Guess what?””I know!I know!Chili peppers!”On February 15, the Lantern Festival, Huang Ping and her 5-year-old grandson were guessing lantern riddles at a library in Xinyang city’s Shi he district.The library is full of colorful lanterns, hanging under the lanterns are a variety of puzzle cards, many citizens are participating in the experience of this traditional Chinese cultural activity.In 2022, the shi He district library has carried out the “Lantern riddle guessing” campaign for the eighth year.Against the backdrop of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the museum launched two modes of participation, online and offline, which attracted a large number of readers and children to participate.”I also learned about the crossword puzzle through my wechat account and immediately brought my children.This kind of activity can not only broaden children’s knowledge and broaden their thinking, but also experience the unique Chinese lantern riddles.”Huang Pingshui.It is understood that the activity from the beginning of the 12th month to the end of the 16th month, a period of 5 days.The shi he district library prepared a total of 1,000 lantern crossword puzzles and designed various types of crossword puzzles including plants, animals, medicine and idioms according to different ages.In order to increase the activity of the event, children can exchange stationery for prizes if they can guess more than two answers correctly.”I am very happy today, I guessed two vegetable topics, but also exchanged a coil book!”Sun Shiqi, 9, was accompanied by her mother and her friends.Wang Jiandong, head of the primary school library in Shihe district, said that the number of people who participated in the riddle guessing offline has exceeded 1,000.With the widespread participation of the public, lantern riddle prizes are also about to be claimed.Jian-dong wang said: “the continuation of the Lantern Festival is to celebrate the New Year, the shihe riverfront set guess riddles activity in the library, not only in the festival to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, enrich the cultural life of the general public, active festival atmosphere, and through the combination of Chinese culture and reading activities, to enhance the different populations of reading habits, attract readers into the library.”In 2022, a number of city researches will be built in the shihe District, and at the same time of the operation of 3 researches, 3 to 4 researches will be built with various funds to form a “joint movement” with the libraries of the shihe district and promote the construction of “Shuxiang Shi River”.(Written by Ye Nan, Propaganda Department of shihe District Committee, Xinyang City)