Su Zhenchang propagandizes the policy of “air conditioning in class” by Ko Wenzhe bite: class will jump electricity

2022-04-27 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan authorities “chief executive” Su Zhenchang proud of the “class air conditioning” policy in May this year, but due to the recent power outage accidents in Taiwan, so Su on Children’s Day to promote the policy, the net users sour “class will blackout”.In response, Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe also sour, air conditioners bought to install, and then the circuit did not change, a boot is the end of the whole school jump, “class will be class before the blackout will jump.””It’s not that the class will lose power, it’s more terrible that the class will jump.”Ko said that there is a term called “contract capacity”, because air conditioning is a high energy consumption, so when air conditioning is installed, the contracted power supply capacity of schools should be increased. “When Taipei needed air conditioning in every class, I remember that it spent 1.6 billion yuan to improve the electrical system of schools.”Wenjie ke said, do not think that the air conditioner bought to install, and then the circuit has not changed, a turn on the end is the whole school jump, so this is not what class class has air conditioning class but power failure, “I tell you, class class will jump before the power failure.”‘So politics is still pragmatic, solving the problem every day,’ Mr. Ko said. ‘Sometimes they don’t think that national infrastructure is expensive and not as easy as they thought.’