When Baymax meets Xiao Fei in the substation

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Science and technology daily reporter Ying-xia wang correspondent Korea cream On March 13, liu jiang, dressed in a blue denim tooling power supply “the Smurfs” busy shuttle interval in equipment, coupled with the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) “small fly” air patrol when propeller continuously “buzzing” sound, the robot “white” natural kinds, also start with small steps in the spring.Respondents suggested that people come early in spring.In ningxia Shizuishan Power grid 220 kv substation, power grid people express their support for the national “two sessions” and the Winter Olympic Games in their own unique way.Entering the first-level power protection state, power supply technicians carry out special patrols for important substations under the jurisdiction to check equipment working conditions and remove foreign bodies on site…From the operation status of the “big” main transformer to the absence of small bolts, they pay attention to everything.Don’t see “great” start road to resilience, a casual look, actual it is meticulous have answers, strictly along the route to work plan, takes 6 hours to complete a total station equipment patrol, faithfully check record 4780 points, shaking big head to infrared temperature measurement equipment, visible patrol.In contrast, “small fly” is a hotheade, work in a hurry, a propeller on the high-speed rotation, more like a busy little bee, in the air around the equipment framework to carry out reconnaissance.It along the vertical lightning rod to scrutinize from top to bottom, to glance around isolating switch, the equipment using high overlooking the panoramic view of the equipment running status, effectively make up for the “white” enough high altitudes, can last five hours open loop “takeoff, landing, data transmission, charging, take-off” working mode.At the end of the busy day patrol, baymax went back to the small room to have a rest in the evening, xiao Fei is also charging for war.At this time, it is unknown that there is another group silently guarding the safety of the substation, that is 37 remote high-definition surveillance cameras.They work silently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, but behind them are grid monitors staring intently at their screens.Lock the operating condition of equipment, respond to abnormal alarm of equipment, track the defect management of equipment, watch the lights of thousands of families with their own persistence…Editor: Li Xiaohang (intern) Review: Wang Xiaolong