When the owner showed off his dog, netizens laughed and cried: It looks like my friend

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, an owner posted a video of his dog, which attracted our attention. In such a short period of time, the handsome man has set the Internet talking. Many people said: He looks like a friend of mine!Emmm…Everyone also don’t believe black hot, 1 m 8, sports students, wear north you carefully think you have such a side in fact, if you carefully observe the dog like people is really many not long ago island a dog on the fire of her dog named flower flower is the fire is because her dog looks……Look at that. It looks like a dog everywhere, but it makes it look weird!The owner also knows that sometimes the dog looks like a human and even startles herself, especially when the dog glares at her, the look in his eyes is really scary. “I urge you to give me a bite,” the owner also jokes that she suspects that there is a human living in her dog’s body, but there is no proof dog:Words can’t say I told you if you think this is not enough only like a person that take a look at the below the dog dog named Yogi also play it like other dogs love love love clingy master also like photos to share with friends but it was a photograph of a Yogi fire suddenly a lot of netizens have said how afraid because…It looks so human!People say Yogi has a “human face”. Even though his eyes, nose, ears and mouth are all dog’s, when put together, they look like…Compare it with other dogs…Chantal said she didn’t notice it until her friend posted Yogi’s photo on Reddit, and it immediately got a lot of attention. Many people said they were upset when they saw Yogi, while others said: ‘That’s the scariest dog I’ve ever seen…’Chantal was sad to see people saying this. She didn’t expect people to dislike Yogi so much, so she posted more pictures of Yogi on the Internet and said that Yogi is a very ordinary dog and his behavior is normal.”No matter what anyone says, Yogi is the cutest dog in my heart. He’s really good!”And then there’s this dog named Nori. She’s an auscolf-poodle mix and even though her parents are perfectly normal, she’s…A face!The owner said that Nori was born with this kind of appearance, especially her facial expression is very human-like. The reason why Nori looks so human-like is probably related to the color of her eyes and the curve of her mouth.I was so excited that I almost showed my true shape. I don’t know how you feel about dogs that look like humans for so long. But they have one thing in common besides their appearance, that is, they are very gentle and loyal