Forget envy | kiss baby 157-160: children grow up, blue brother can not cover quickly

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Introduction: Without Brother Blue at her side for two years, Wei Ying devoted every minute to learning and practicing her professional skills.Two years of hard exercise, he is no longer the original small white rabbit, become humorous, witty, strong ability, and, there is a little scheming.The first time to accompany Blue Zhan in the mall and Hong Qingfeng, hong Qingfeng was caught off guard.Blue Zhan was also surprised, back home he held the face of the children, to know his treasure.Blue forgot the machine to wei Wuxian kiss very dizzy, breathing tight to let go of him, then holding his face, solemnly said: “tell blue brother to tell the truth, in foreign countries, you in addition to study and practice basketball skills, have you ever done anything else?”Wei Wuxian’s eyes shook twice. When he got there, he made a detailed plan that he would spend one and a half years to finish the subject, combine work and rest, and practice various skills when he was tired.For the first year and a half, he really did nothing but study and exercise. He just took a lot of time off from his studies. In the last few months, he had some free time.In order not to let blue forget the machine entrusted friends know, he deliberately chose a daily department store in the school, there to do shopping guide, that time, his skills to deal with people improved a lot.Once people leave their comfort zone growth is very fast, Wei Wuxian began to have some tension, after the establishment of the goal, the firm will let him like open the same, not invincible bar, but also slowly with ease.Blue forgot to look at his eyes, he knew he had not told the truth before, said: “Do you have something to do without telling Blue brother?””Ha ha, blue brother really can’t hide anything, I will soon come back to the period of time to do shopping guide, every day to contact hundreds of people, practice a little bit of communication skills, are for coming back to help you prepare.Wei Wuxian said with a laugh.Blue forget machine some hind afraid ground stretched out a finger to point next his head, way;”You really as expected or alone to do things, in the outside of everything to be careful do not know yao, later not allowed to do so, do things to advance with blue brother said.””I know, that is not you are not around yao, now with you together, I can do anything alone.”Wei Wuxian rubbed her head against his forehead and smiled.Blue forgot the machine glanced at him one eye, to him really have no temper, pinched his nose way: “that is not certain, the child grew up, Blue brother can not cover quickly.””No, in front of Brother Blue, I will always be that little friend, outside, is Brother Blue’s right hand.”Wei Wuxian laughed.Blue forget the machine and aimed at his cheek kissed one, carefully looking at faded green, charm gradually show children, eyes appear a fire, a fire he wrapped up.Wei did not envy today to play but used the whole body solution, now only feel the body muscle ache, looking at the vision of the blue forget machine, the heart timid, hurried to say: “Blue brother, I am hungry.”The fire in blue’s eyes faded away immediately, forgetting that the children were too tired today. They quickly patted him on the cheek with a smile and said: “Ok, Brother Blue will cook for you. Wait here.”Wei No envy nodded with a smile, took out a mobile phone and looked at wang assistant’s head in a daze, today so much harvest, he also did not expect, think of Hong Qingfeng that blue face, too cool.Blue forget the machine fried two small dishes quickly put on the table, after all, young, Wei Wuxian rest for a while will be much better, smell the fragrance ran over.”Brother Blue’s cooking smells good.”He squeezed a piece of meat into his mouth and smiled.”Wash your hands.”Blue forget the machine like a child said.Wei does not envy hey hey smile to run to wash hands, very soon fold back, kissed a blue forget the face of machine then sat on dining chair.”Blue elder brother, you say, what will Hong Qingfeng say with Li zong tonight?”Wei Wuxian asked before they started eating.Hongqingfeng the villain virtue, Wei No envy or some worry that he will tell Li about him and blue forget machine, blue forget machine said he was just recruited in the assistant, it is not revealed.Blue forget machine looked at him one eye, way: “don’t know, what he said, said is, as long as we line end, sit straight, can only more line out of his small people.””Well, that makes sense.”Wei Wuxian nodded, put aside her doubts and put a mouthful of rice in her mouth.”Do you want to make an appointment with Assistant Wang tomorrow? Strike while the iron is hot.”Wei Wuxian said.”Let’s make an appointment with the inside man and get to know the situation of Assistant Wang. If he turns his head to Hong and reports to hong while playing tai chi with us, we will make Hong proud again.”Blue forget the machine lane.”Well.”The wei without envy nods, again way: “that, from tomorrow on, I official with the assistant status of the blue general mount guard.”LAN smiled and said, “I will take you to meet some colleagues tomorrow. Welcome assistant Wei to take office.””Ha ha, good ah, our gan general in central China has begun the battle!I’m waiting to see hong cry!”Wei Wuxian confidently said.