Gu Ailing rose 5 million fans after winning the championship!Lots of gym photos were ripped out, belly and thin body

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Gu Ailing, 18, won a gold medal for China in the women’s freestyle ski platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics with her ultra-difficult routine, setting a new record.On February 8, Gu Topped the list of top trending searches, becoming a “genius girl” in China. On the same day, gu gained more than 3 million followers on a music platform and nearly 2 million followers on a Blog. Gu has already gained about 5 million followers on these two platforms alone, becoming the new top trend in the sports circle.With the explosion of Gu’s popularity, her past deeds were uncovered, and a large number of private photos were exposed.Apart from being good at skiing, Gu is also fond of wild running, football, rock climbing and piano playing. She often travels to different places and always smiles when taking photos. She lives a positive life every day.In order to maintain her figure and body, gu has been working out regularly.In her private photos, we can see her trying to exercise, many of the fitness programs are more power type, Gu Ailing head on, constantly challenge their limits.Gu, however, mostly wears sportswear with a high ponytail. She prepares a yoga mat at home by herself, sometimes pressing her legs and sometimes lifting weights, revealing a lean belly with perfect waistcoat line and no trace of fat.Her leggings make her legs as slim as a supermodel’s.In fact, Gu Ailing’s skin color is not fair. Under the irradiation of the sun, it seems to be inclined to bronzer, which is very healthy, but has a unique aesthetic feeling.Gu, who grew up in the United States, has a bold and open personality, and does not hide her superior figure. She even wore a bathing suit to take photos. She is very confident in the sea, with a proud waist and hip ratio, which firmly catches everyone’s attention.Gu once wore a bathing suit to a party. At 18, she has a sexy curve that exceeds her peers, and even if she acts casually, she adds some charm.Compared with Gu’s figure, her broad-minted mind and pattern are more admirable. When she was 12 years old, she began to speak for women and show their power through sports.”If someone doesn’t believe in me or doesn’t like me, that’s their loss and they can’t become Olympic champion,” said Gu.Independent and confident girl, with her own light, Gu Ailing has a promising future!