Jixi Jinsha Town, Xuancheng: Compacted safety precautions to cope with low temperature rain and snow weather

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, Jixi County meteorological Bureau issued low temperature rain and snow freezing disaster warning information.In order to reduce the impact of the bad weather and effectively respond to the work, Jinsha Town acted quickly, giving overall consideration to epidemic prevention and control, prevention of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather and work safety, to ensure the normal production and life of the people.Strengthen responsibility and ensure that ideas and understanding are in place.Jinsha Town actively organized the low temperature rain and snow weather work scheduling meeting, made detailed deployment on daily inspection, emergency de-icing, material support, information publicity, key crowd protection and other aspects of the work, stressed that all departments should adhere to their own responsibilities, coordination and cooperation, timely communication of information, and form a joint work force.At the meeting, the special emergency plan and response measures were discussed and improved, and the hidden dangers were investigated and monitored in advance, so as to be prepared for a rainy day and be prepared for danger in peace, and strive for the initiative in the prevention work of low-temperature rain and snow weather.Focus on priorities and ensure preparedness and response in place.The relevant departments make early plans, make full preparations, further clarify their work responsibilities, and make solid preparations for low temperature rain and snow weather prevention work.First, all industrial and commercial enterprises should be mobilized to take precautions against low-temperature rain and snow weather as soon as possible, and make full preparations for personnel, materials, funds and measures to ensure normal operation of enterprises.Second, the organization of technical personnel into the village group, timely know to do a good job of agricultural anti-freezing disaster work and disease prevention and control work, to ensure that agricultural production is not lost.Third, the joint transportation departments to strengthen traffic safety control in severe weather, do a good job of emergency treatment of rural roads, timely shovel snow and deice, eliminate the occurrence of traffic accidents, ensure smooth traffic.Fourth, implement various relief measures, organize condolence activities for needy groups, and ensure the normal life order of special groups.Strengthen the duty on duty to ensure timely disposal in place.Strictly implement the 24-hour duty system and the leadership shift system to ensure unimpeded emergency communication, timely and accurate information report.Emergency rescue teams will be strengthened to prepare for duty and equip with emergency supplies to ensure timely and proper handling of dangerous accidents and scientific rescue.(Wu Weiping)