Ok-6601 /JP explosion-proof maintenance work lamp

2022-04-29 0 By

Safety and explosion-proof, this product can be used safely in zone 1 ⅱ C explosive gas environment;Efficient lighting, lamp cap can fully meet customers’ daily inspection lighting needs;The floodlight of the lamp body can fully meet the lighting needs of customers’ factory overhaul;The yellow signal light with special band can not only provide azimuth identification for operators at night, but also effectively drive away mosquitoes around the lamps to avoid mosquito bites causing discomfort to operators;With red and blue flashing warning light, can be used as a warning reminder of dangerous areas at night;Easy to carry, with hand-held, shoulder span, hanging, magnetic adsorption and other carrying and fixing methods, so that maintenance work more convenient.It is suitable for oil field, petrochemical industry and other industrial maintenance places, as the lighting for daily maintenance or production stop maintenance.02042022_ Spring begins today