5pm!South Korean media are proud of son Heung-min’s position in the World Cup poster, but Wu Lei is not on the list

2022-04-30 0 By

With the World Cup qualifiers coming to an end in January, the tournament now has a lock on 15 teams, with as many as 17 more to be decided in the final stage at the end of March.Unfortunately, The Chinese men’s football team not only failed to lock in advance, but also failed to qualify for the suspense until March. Now the National football team has been eliminated in advance, and the remaining matches can only be regarded as training and defending dignity of the battle.In January, only two teams qualified for the World Cup, all from Asia: Iran and South Korea.Iran has 22 points with seven wins and one draw, while Korea has 20 points with six wins and two draws. The two teams are leading the trend of modern football by playing the best football in Asia.Today, the 15 qualifying teams are distributed as follows, with Europe occupying 10 seats: Germany, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Serbia;2 seats from South America: Argentina and Brazil;Asia has three: Iran, South Korea and Qatar (the host).February 4 in Beijing time at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, FIFA official release of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar posters, the poster by above 15 promotion team’s core players, world number one Belgian king azar, European championship runner-up captain Kane, Dutch WeiFanDi grams of iron, such as Argentina great Lionel messi coefficient,Son Heung-min is also the pride of Asia.Unfortunately, ronaldo and Wu lei are not featured in the star-studded poster as Portugal have yet to qualify for the tournament and China were eliminated early.South Korea famous media is the poster of FIFA praise, this is because the poster cloth Min unexpectedly tied with Lionel messi in the core of the C, located in the poster, the most central position, it is enough to reflect the FIFA for cloth Min love, at the same time also can illustrate the influence of the Asian pop in world football.In addition, The South Korean media also did not forget to emphasize that this is the 10th consecutive World Cup finals of the South Korean team, the highest among all Asian teams, and this record is unlikely to be broken in the future.Indeed, The South Korean team is proud of its capital. In recent years, it has not only been absent from the World Cup, but also in 2002, eliminated Portugal, Italy and other super teams to finish in the fourth place, becoming the pride of Asian football.Son’s winning goal in South Korea’s historic 2-0 win over world champions Germany in the last World Cup is also a story in South Korea’s football history and a goal that is hard for the national team to achieve.As the King of South Korean football, it is better than the strength and luck of a Chinese football Wu Lei, this is an indisputable fact.Now, the Competition for the World Cup has reached the white-hot stage, Led by Wu Lei, China has been eliminated, even Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewan and other superstars have been eliminated from the possibility.And the European Cup champion Italy is now the situation is also uncertain, it can be seen that today’s world football competition has become increasingly fierce, no team can become a perennial winner, so, what do fans think of this year’s Qatar World Cup champion?Who will be the ultimate winner?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.