I did well in every role I played

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Changan Mazda, with 100% of the love and dedication to demonstrate the faceted life dream every teenager in addition to the driver, ever want to grow up to become a scientist I use 100% of the efforts done now a Mazda overseas advanced research production technology research and development center of par with science and to change the world with global technology to benefit human life never lack of beauty, I just found the beautifulBig detective never let go of any clues only to create moving, thrine if surprised hung appearance with 100% ingenuity artifical casting brand Aquatec spraying process spraying straight to the soul of the crystal soul red who is not a superior student?Honors and awards is to pay a good prove I with 100% of the struggle for pieces in the selection of the title won awards cover comprehensive, design, security, performance, a number of awards more harvest Mazda 4th global service skills contest runner-up for Mazda into the top three overseas marketing team in the past I was a really big sunshine boy warm caress,Step by step, I will create 21 “Full Life Cycle scenes” with 100% of my heart to make every step of car owning life easy and familiar. I will be your most intimate butler. This is my 100% story time is changing, and my role is changing.The pursuit of Pleasure will be held from February 15, 2022 to March 22, 2022