Recruit pig raising skill, raise a healthy fat pig!

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In the concept of many farmers, as long as the sow and pig can be raised, finishing pigs can be raised casually, in fact, made a great mistake, whether sow, pig, or finishing pigs need our careful management, in order to ensure the health of pigs, in order to obtain more profits.Here are four tips for fattening pigs.1. Feed Management In fattening stage, the feed intake of pigs will increase, which is the fastest growth stage of pigs. If this stage is properly fed and managed, the growth rate of young pigs will be accelerated, and their immunity will be improved, laying a good foundation for the advance of the market.In general, the pig feed cost accounts for about 70% of total pig feed cost, in phase fatten pigs feed intake, the largest feed conversion rate and utilization rate directly affects the benefit of the pig, pig feed at this time can’t keen on gaining petty advantages figure to save money, the key is to put the good quality, reasonable choice of pig feed, good pig feed can meet the nutritional needs of pig,At the same time, eat less, gain weight faster, and lose weight.Two, daily management pigs before transfer to fattening house, to do preparatory work.First of all, we should carry out enclosure disinfection and thorough cleaning, followed by vaccination and insect repellent.In the stage of finishing pigs, in order to improve the overall uniformity of finishing pigs, it is necessary to ensure that finishing pigs can be released at the same time to avoid uneven size and uneven growth rate.Attention should be paid to the density of fattening pens. The number of pigs in each group should not be too high, depending on the size of the pens and the density of the pigs.The number of heads per lap should be 10-20, but the specific number may vary according to different environmental conditions.Feed intake, excrement and mental state of pigs were often observed to isolate and treat diseases in time and prevent them in large herds.Three, sanitation and drinking water to keep the piggery clean, regular cleaning 2-3 times a day, regular disinfection, to avoid the breeding of bacteria.Ventilate regularly to avoid harmful gases.Drink plenty of water and keep it clean to avoid diarrhea.Four, the time to publish timely.Low market weight, low slaughter rate, poor meat quality.Market weight is too big, feed consumption is much, raising cost is high, economic benefit is low.Generally 90-110 pounds of the best, of course, also need to make reference according to the market and quotations at that time, choose the best time to market.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: