“120-liter fuel tank was added 161 liters of oil,” the party was fined 2000

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A 120-liter tank, and the filling machine at the gas station says 161 liters.Late last year, a netizen posted a video on the Internet to report serious metering problems at a gas station in Huangdian Town, Yanting County, Sichuan Province.This has caused a storm on the Internet, how to deal with the follow-up?On January 28, the Market supervision bureau of Sichuan province introduced the handling result of the incident in the notification of typical cases of “Spring Thunder Action 2022”.It is understood that after receiving complaints, yanting city supervision bureau law enforcement personnel immediately rushed to the scene of disposal, the parties to the 3 tanker site inspection and take the first registration preservation measures.At the same time, Yanting county measurement and testing institute of the gas station involved in the tanker 0# diesel tanker verification.Subsequently, The Yanting County municipal Supervisory Bureau commissioned Sichuan Sijian Inspection and Testing Co., Ltd. to identify the accuracy of the measurement of the tanker involved.Preliminary investigation, the tanker involved does not meet the general technical requirements of jJG443-2015 “fuel tanker verification regulation” section 6, the verification result is unqualified.At the same time, law enforcement officers found that the tanker involved in May 11, 2021 through the Yanting County measurement and testing institute qualified, to pay 1,000 yuan to technical personnel to install a computer background program, in order to destroy the accuracy of its measurement,It is consistent with the appraisal opinion of Sichuan Sijian Inspection and Testing Co., LTD. “The 0# diesel tanker used by Wang Cheng Gas Station in Huangdian Town of Yanting County has the behavior of artificially destroying the accuracy of measuring instruments”.Such behavior constitutes an illegal act of intentionally destroying the accuracy of measuring instruments and using unqualified measuring instruments. During the illegal period, 46.45 tons of 0# diesel oil was purchased and 41.42 tons of diesel oil was sold through the tanker involved in the case, with a total amount of 303,000 yuan.Yanting County Market Supervision Bureau ordered the parties to immediately correct the illegal behavior, and made the confiscation of the tanker involved, confiscation of illegal income of 303,000 yuan and a fine of 2,000 yuan of administrative punishment.The paper declines
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