2-0, win again!88% of passes successfully made 14 shots, 14 rounds unbeaten 12 points, City title is secure?

2022-05-01 0 By

Premier league round 24, Manchester city at brentford, the game also widely attention, in fact, people pay more attention to perhaps Manchester city’s performance, as last season’s champions, Manchester city this season is still very fast, start stage, Manchester city or the compasses, deep after the season, they began to rapidly, continue to rob,At the top of the premier league for a long time the standings, and slowly but surely, constantly behind rivals, at home, and a friendly face the newly-promoted brentford, outside hyped Manchester city can get away before the game, sure enough, it, Manchester city ended up 2-0 victory at home to brentford, which three points, scored a victory to continue rapid advances in the top of the list.Simple review of the game, the start stage, Manchester city is very active, playing in the ball control and organization, they grasp the situation, early and very strong, in terms of possession, Manchester city made a possession rate of seventy-six percent, and the passing rate is as high as 88%, brentford’s possession rate is only twenty-four percent,The passing success rate was only 60 per cent positive, and in this respect, in all key statistics, City dominated.In offensive shot, Manchester city and more sharp and full back on 4 feet, six shots brentford team only, but than from the point of view, in fact, Manchester city only 14 shot did not play a normal level, more specifically, offensive firepower compared with the previous game, Manchester city it has some weakness,But this does not affect the city team winning strength.Early stage in the first half, brentford team played very tenacious, although completely in a passive situation, but they defended very well, once Manchester city attack into a passive, until the 39th minute, Manchester city’s attack received results, harvest a penalty, Mach all hit, helping Manchester city take the lead in a 1-0 lead.After a one goal lead Manchester city continue to attack, but brentford team is not a soft persimmon, after strengthening more, also made some threats, helpless attack strength is limited, always unable to break the deadlock, easy side again after the war the 68th minute, in the second half, brow in explosion, after scoring a goal, helped Manchester city to expand the score to 2-0, in the case of a two goal lead,City did not build on the victory, but play steadily, eventually 2-0 to maintain the final score, City sealed the victory 2-0;After this service, Manchester City quietly made 14 unbeaten, in the standings, although more than two games, but beat the second Liverpool up to 12 points, just from the situation, Manchester City seems to win the championship has no suspense, as long as the next game is steady and steady, they win the probability is very large.