Jiang Wenli: the hand tore gossip mistress, betrayed but not divorced, and Huang Xuan filming was fired true

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She has been in love with her schoolmate for several years, but she cannot resist the pursuit of middle-aged uncle. She got married in a flash in a few months.Award to adversary was lace news scaling new heights but sad out onto the forefront industry have been 29 years of marriage her husband betrayal “yugoslav capital” almost “lost” she quietly behind forgive in 1966 Jiang wenli, born in bengbu intellectual family, father is an engineer, mother is operator, living conditions can be said to be wealthy,Her parents pay more attention to cultivating their children’s talents in various aspects, so Jiang Wenli likes dancing and reading, and she has artistic cells in her body.Graduated from high school, jiang wenli, admitted to the anhui province water conservancy school after graduation was assigned to work in waterworks, became an ordinary factory little younger sister, but she is not satisfied with this kind of life, from childhood to lay the dance skills, day grow beautiful and bright, so good condition, it is a pity that not to be an actress.Until that year, the national urban construction system to display leadership will send jiang wenli as collective dance dance, happened to be the audience see stage director, he said that jiang wenli performance is very good, can try to study the film academy, after Jiang wenli will hold try attitude, enter oneself for an examination the Beijing film academy, unexpectedly She was born the eat this bowl of rice,In 1989, Jiang Wenli only enrolled in a year, appeared in the first TV drama “Lily on the cliff”, as a nursery school teacher, and won the Apiras Award best female match nomination, which for a freshman student, has been very good.In the same year, she also participated in the first film “From the original grass” as a mountain girl water show, although the film due to a variety of censorship reasons, did not move to the cinema, but let Jiang Wenli harvest a section of happiness in life, fresh memories of sweet love.Mention “, more and more people know is he two beautiful wife, yu nan and Kitty zhang, in addition He is a great director, international awards for many times, however, in 2014 For her prostitution into a dui, business will recover after watching “is now a deadly fat man, he just entered the Beijing film academy,A head of thick hair deep eyebrows high nose bridge, broad arms and tight figure, even playing qiong Yao drama male no. 1 is no exaggeration.In 1989, Wang Quan ‘an and Jiang Wenli met in the film, at that time Jiang Wenli looks beautiful and watery, a stunning look at the fall of the heart never forget, if she is now described as a beauty of late words, that year is surprised for heaven., handsome boys and girls because of play affinity, young people’s heart once again restless up, then Wang Quan ‘an has a classmate girlfriend Kong Lin, can know Jiang Wenli on its obsession, use work after caring, soon successfully captured jiang Wenli’s heart, there was new love, old love was kicked open.At that time, Jiang Wenli and Wang Quan ‘an love envy others, two people walk in hand in the campus as if is a beautiful beautiful scenery line, but Wang Quan ‘an had expected, like Jiang Wenli such a beautiful girl, there is no lack of suitors around, because of his negligence, Jiang Wenli was actually pry open the corner.On December 12, 1989, it was Gu Changwei’s 32nd birthday. At that time, Zhang Yimou’s empress Gong Li and Chen Kaige had just got married to hong Huang, a wealthy ruffite. Gu was still alone.It was also during the feast, gu met him nine years younger jiang wenli, are attracted to her beauty, not only can use love at first sight to describe more, jiang wenli, stood by guys, let the girl all overshadowed, however, gu just lit the little spark of love, backhand is a pot of cold water poured out, jiang wenli has a boyfriend, have never thought just heart stopped,This let Gu Changwei how good, however, this did not give up his idea, Gu Changwei firmly believe that there is no pry immovable corner in this world.Shortly after the birthday party, gu went to follow zhang yimou Japan, late for the film “ju dou, he bought many gifts in Japan to jiang wenli, work done after returning home, and take the initiative to contact she said she wants to eat a meal together, but at that time, jiang wenli and wang quan ‘an love is sweet, euphemism refused gu kindness.Shy gu, jiang wenli it touched the wall, two people after a long time didn’t contact again, in 1991 Wang quan ‘an graduated, was assigned to xi ‘an film studio director, while jiang wenli teaches, couples in each rush thing after graduation, young beautiful campus love, after all but the harsh reality struggle, even if jiang wenli also to xi ‘an,He met Wang’s parents, but the two failed to get together.Although Jiang Wenli looks beautiful acting and spirit, but entertainment talent, a little attention will be flood washed down, so she can only fight for the opportunity to work hard for their future.In 1992, When Chen Kaige was planning to make “Farewell My Concubine” and wanted to recruit actors at the Beijing Film Academy, Jiang took the chance and played xiao Dou’s mother in the film.Although the camera appeared in front of only a few minutes, it showed a prostitute in the old society, let a person unforgettable look and posture, became the most outstanding one in the supporting role.Coincidentally, the cinematography of Farewell My Concubine was gu Changwei, who was thinking of Jiang Wenli. At that time, Wang Quan ‘an was still a little-known director, and Gu Changwei had won domestic and international cinematography awards for a series of outstanding works such as Red Sorghum and Ju Dou, and gained great fame in the film circle.Fate to gu and jiang wenli, gave him the advantage on the advantages of the elbow during filming, gu to jiang wenli care so much, will be composed of obscure affection when it comes to perfection, gu has always been very low-key He rarely speak, love life Family concept is very strong, as jiang wenli said,”I think Gu changwei is exactly the kind of man I want.”In 2001, Jiang Wenli gave birth to a boy named Gu Hehe and adopted a girl named Gu Meimei in Los Angeles, THE United States. They have two children, and their work is also smooth.2001 and Chen Baoguo Siqin Gaowa starred in the TV drama “Big House”, has become a cross-era classic masterpiece, Jiang Wenli’s life seems to have no waves, even the road to fame has come so smoothly, but in 2003 things have a new change,This year, Gu met zhang jingchu zhang jingchu has the title of “director harvester” frequently with various well-known director affair technique of ferocity to jiang wenli nearly even as far back as 1999 “lost” Gu and zhang jingchu met, then is maintained close ties, but also most is to treat each other as friends,It was not until 2003 that Gu Changwei invited Zhang Jingchu to act as the heroine of the film Peacock. It was in these days that Gu, who was famous and rich, began to waver.At that time, Gu Changwei and Zhang Jingchu often pressed the road together, but also by the local people mistaken for lovers, because of this about their gossip spread widely.For this news, Of course, Jiang Wenli also heard, in order to watch her husband Gu Changwei, she even took just over two years old son to the site supervision, there are rumors that Jiang Wenli slapped Zhang Jingchu, but the truth is not known.A “peacock” make Zhang Jingchu fame, gu Changwei still do not know to avoid, still strive for a variety of resources for Zhang Jingchu, also recommended her to play in er Dongsheng “Disciple”, to know the protagonist but Andy Lau Louis Koo and Daniel Wu, such a big film, successfully opened zhang Jingchu’s Hong Kong film road.In 2007, Gu remake “spring”, tells the story of a music teacher, who was ugly, dream on the international stage, he was going to zhang jingchu cameo roles, at first, that would be fine with jiang wenli, during this period, however, there are media photographed gu meeting zhang jingchu, under the thorough angered jiang wenli, zhang jingchu scenes are all deleted,It’s like it’s never been in a movie.After this, gu is honest for a period of time, however, for the first time there will be the second time, gu has made “the man’s disease”, in 2009 With the mainland first paparazzi ZhuoWei, showed the gu just separated with his wife and children, will on private gorgeous girl, and then the car into the lane, two people from the front to the back,It stayed there for an hour, with shock absorbers on, and the incident was nicknamed “car shock gate”.As for the mysterious woman who is really, the message has been in the entertainment industry internal pressure down, since the meeting was exposed in gu and a mysterious woman’s bicycle, jiang wenli and gu after a hot argument, many days didn’t talk, two people since then Marriage rumors in the red light, has been observed in each big media platform, about whether they have a divorce,People’s opinions are different, but after such a series of gossip, even if not divorce, I’m afraid also appearances, as for why will spread such speculation, but also mentioned a key man Huang Xuan may have some friends will think, Huang Xuan with two people and what relationship?But Huang Xuan was jiang Wenli’s “gossip boyfriend” in 2012 Xuan Yuanxuan signed a contract with Beijing star Beauty thousand easy, became a “company sister” Jiang Wenli’s fellow apprentice, 2013 TV series “women help” in the major TV broadcast, Huang Xuan played young square, jiang Wenli played '& # 39;Burn bag leftover woman '& # 39;Julie, a lingering love affair with her brother and sister.In the same year, the two of them cooperated in the film “White”, and then resumed the leading edge of the story of sister and younger brother love, but also because of this in the drama, the news of the secret meeting of the two people is also in great uproar.In 2013, Jiang wenli and Huang Xuan were photographed secretly dating in France, but the rumors were unsubstantiated and the photos did not show any intimate behavior between the two.Until 2014, when Jiang Wenli was shooting Love is The Most Beautiful in Dalian, the news that Huang Xuan went to visit the film spread, which was immediately uploaded on the Internet.The next day chang Jihong, Jiang wenli’s agent, said that the two are just good friends but have a lot in common, refuting that Huang xuan is a normal detective. Huang Xuan, the leading actor, also said on his Micro blog that “TODAY I realized the boredom and funny of the entertainment industry”, and the whole gossip seemed to be just an ordinary family dinner.Nowadays, Jiang Wenli gradually fade out of the public eye, and the occasional actor is mostly some supporting roles, and Gu Changwei is unknown to the public and honest film, the gossip is true or false is nothing more than malicious speculation by netizens, but gu Changwei and Jiang Wenli’s marriage is dead in name, only the parties themselves know.Marriage is the basis of loyalty, see all the busy thing in the world Really is flat, or ordinary people Star performers, all want to have loyalty to each other The marriage of trust each other, because love is so precious, so we should seriously more, in the failure again and again with a broken heart, for the soul of the conformity with yourself, believe that the heart strong jiang wenli,The road ahead will be wider and wider.