Man comment: “cheap taste” thick, “New Year taste” enough

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, it is a traditional custom and human nature to visit friends and relatives.For the majority of party members and cadres, the Spring Festival is the key node of corruption, but also an important “year pass” to withstand the test.Chinese New Year, we want to “New Year taste”, but also “clean taste”.”Beginner’s mind” never forget to cultivate “clean mind”.Before the Spring Festival, dust is the custom since ancient times. If the house is not swept, it is covered with dust.To party member cadre character, every festive festival times think “clear”, incorruptibility self-discipline should often remember in the heart.Recently, the TV series zero Tolerance, co-produced by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Publicity Department of the CPC National Supervision Commission and the China Media Group, was broadcast to send a “low gift” to party members and cadres during the Spring Festival.By sending Spring Festival couplets, sending reminder messages, and organizing educational videos, all local departments have carried out in-depth education on honesty before the Spring Festival, to prevent honesty and self-discipline, and to warn Party members and cadres to keep their original intentions and build a solid defense line against corruption and change.”Knowledge and action” combined practice “incorruptibility”.”One incorruptible, the family is not round”, incorruptible, is the best Spring Festival gift for family.However, before and after the Spring Festival, public money to eat and drink, illegal distribution of subsidies, illegal receipt of gifts and gold, wedding, funeral festival and other problems are frequent, easy to occur.Critical period, party members and cadres should be alert to prevent some ulterior motives of the man by the name of “social”, “hostile” solid, “cheap”, practice “cheap”, at the same time of leading by example, “mind your own people, and keep your door”, take the lead in clean in, fresh air in the wind is Dan, have a happy auspicious.If you relax your guard and lose yourself in the festive atmosphere, it is not a “festival”, but a “disaster” with your family.”Year pass” to “clean pass”.Incorruptible, see the New Year;Clean, clean, watch the festival.Regarding not long ago, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the 2022 New Year’s day notice of work during the Spring Festival is the wind’s age, the central discipline inspection commission website launched by state prison “” four winds” problems during New Year’s day, Spring Festival supervision report exposure zone “, increase the intensity of typical cases about exposure, strengthen the warning deterrent, continue to create a fresh air wind is festival atmosphere.To correct the “four winds”, to foster new winds, to encourage corruption, to promote integrity, to moisten the hearts of the people, to add flavor to the “Taste of the New Year” with fresh “integrity”, and to improve the social and people’s taste with good party and government conduct. This is not only the aspiration of the Party, but also the aspiration of the people. It is also the internal requirement and long-term task of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline.”Cheap taste” thick, “New Year taste” is enough.@ Party members and cadres, in the Spring Festival, please keep the “incorruptible heart”, practice the “incorruptible conduct”, grasp the “incorruptible pass”, in the “right way” to have a let the party at ease, let the family at ease, let the people in the “incorruptible taste” year.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: