Suddenly want to go home for the Spring Festival is over

2022-05-01 0 By

A few years ago, I met some friends in the countryside. We wanted to build a self-sufficient life from the land. We tried to live together like this.We don’t have blood, but we can trust more than our brothers and sisters. We live together for no profit. We live in a few dilapidated old houses.Together we explore alternative possibilities in this world.When I met them, I didn’t want to go home. Every year, I spent the Spring Festival at home, and it didn’t taste much. What would it be like if we lived together?Looking forward to it haha.But my younger brother came home for vacation and talked to my younger brother. Suddenly he felt that he still wanted to go home and see how he had changed this year. He wanted to have a good talk with his parents, tell them what I think and what I am doing, and help them sort out their life.In the aspect of spiritual growth, I happened to see an article yesterday, teaching parents as children.But I am no one’s saviour, nor am I the saviour of the world. I am just me, my unique soul with my unique mission, which only concerns me, and which I need to fulfill.There was a time when I thought I knew so much that I should let my parents know and practice it…But trying to change someone is wrong. It’s the wrong idea.Just as we are not copies of our parents, and our parents don’t want to be copies of us, every independent soul longs for freedom, to be themselves, to fulfill their own spiritual mission.So when I went home, I didn’t agree with the action plan I had planned before I went home, but the desire for their well-being didn’t change. In the end, I did things differently, not in the way I wanted to lead, but in the way I was true to myself, and then I told them what I was really thinking, and we communicated like this.My parents have their meaning, and I have mine. Times change, social background changes, and life’s problems change. It’s hard to know yourself, to be yourself, but you can.