What is the meaning of driving school hour training?

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Timing training is a driving school model developed by relevant departments in order to ensure the quality of teaching.1. Each subject is subject to a minimum period of time. If you do not reach the minimum period, you will not make an appointment for the exam.At the driving school, using the card for surveillance.It’s time to learn.Although the distance of driving schools is required to be more than 300 kilometers, the cost of driving schools will definitely increase.2, confirm with models of class identity, audio-visual audio monitoring was carried out on the training process, real-time tracking of GPS training situation, record and effect evaluation method, the training process of the transportation management departments real-time monitoring network, tracing back the training records and the authenticity of the audit, training and education effect got fully guarantee,Requested the quality control of the film.Additional, the listener has option, can have supervisory authority adequately.3, most of the car schools are using time training, that is, in the practice of the car to reach the specified number of time, you can agree to take the test, more than the specified time still do not drive, still need to continue to learn from the car school to buy a separate car learning car.In addition, time training with cards, that is, grinding a few hours, time is not enough to test, in addition to your management of the loose, do not practice the car with cards, or you can go to the driving school.Time training in general after obtaining a driving license, do not dare to guide the road, even if looking for training to charge.