Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District Longteng Primary school opening ceremony: The prosperous era of The Dragon to open a new chapter, Tiger Yue fengyun to start a new course

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(reporter zhang wei) morning light, the snow, in order to let the children with confidence and happiness into the new semester, also in order to give the children a surprise of the new term, on February 17, 2022, the first day of school, zhengdong new district longteng primary orchestrated by “longteng shengshi Marty natalegawa, tiger leap of the rev XinCheng” the opening ceremony for the theme activity, in new ways,Start a new term together.Fuhu welcomed the students back to their first day of school with great excitement and joy. The two adorable tigers at the school gate were alive and kicking, taking photos with the children to wish them well.Principal Jiang Huiyan came to the door early to greet the children and gave them a red envelope of blessing for the new semester. This is the blessing and expectation for all the children in the new semester. Let’s welcome the growth together!The children carefully made lanterns, with the help of the teacher put the lanterns on the corridor outside the classroom, yizhanzhan unique shape, beautifully made lanterns set off the children’s happy smile.Zhengdong New District Longteng Primary school, full of New Year season.The students entered the class and received the gift package prepared by the teachers and the blessing of the new semester, so that every student felt the school and teachers of their respect and care, feel the warmth of the Longteng family, the new semester tiger Tiger unshengwei, together to the future.Surprises happiness full of happy surprises the opening ceremony and the flag-raising ceremony full collection of the playground is lively, with familiar music, opening ceremony and the flag-raising ceremony begins!In the impassioned national anthem the bright five-star red flag was rising.Host Bao Xilan li Langrui raised the national flag and played and sang the national anthem flag raiser: Chen Xiaohan Flag bearer: Wang Meng Flag bearer: Yan Shuang Flag bearer: Ma Hao Flag bearer: Fan Mengke Principal’s speech Principal Jiang gave warm wishes and warm words to the children in the new semester, carrying care and care.From the talented young gu Ailing, Su Yiming, to the Olympic veteran Wu Dajing’s winning course, she hoped that the students can study hard, cherish the time, be diligent in thinking, the pursuit of truth, grasp the present, control the future, through our unremitting efforts and diligence, strive to become their own life champion!Speech by Teacher representative Wang Meng Student Representative Class 1: Li Xiangyi Oath Class 1 class 3:Cui smile dream award ceremony Then, the school for the award ceremony, ginger President to able to insist on physical exercise in the winter vacation, autonomic learning, reading, and willing to participate in labor award the student, certainly efforts and achievements of the students, motivate people by their example, the new semester continue to work hard, continuous improvement, do the best I longteng students!Star of Reading Star of Self-discipline Star of Labor Star of Sports A special and unforgettable opening ceremony bears new dreams, witnesses the growth of children and opens new hopes.Spring flowers, let us huli full open, set sail, together to the future!Longteng Primary School will continue to make unremitting efforts to actively create a warm, happy, happy learning environment for children and their happy growth together!Let us carry this beautiful, waiting for the flowers, and strive for the future of Longteng Primary school!Pictures | | ma hao hao beautiful every class teachers to edit | yan frost review | the school office