Hou Yaowen has been dead for 13 years. What is the status of his wife, who was “hooked up” by his “nephew” Dai Zhicheng?

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Hou Yaowen, the famous crosstalk actor, is the third son of Hou Baolin and a first-class actor in China.In Hou Yaowen, there are many honors and titles.Born into a quyi family, Hou became a crosstalk performer following in the footsteps of his father, Hou Baolin, but died of a heart attack at the age of 59.Hou Yaowen’s death triggered a series of property disputes, and a variety of dog blood events.Hou yaowen has made great contributions to quyi art, and his life is also quite wonderful.In his early years, Hou fell in love with Liu Yan, a dancer in his troupe, and they were married after a year of dating.They had a lovely daughter, but the marriage lasted only ten years.The reason is that hou yaowen in marriage, and then idol singer Wei Wei spread the affair.After their divorce, Hou met Yuan Yin, who was more than 20 years younger than Hou. After their marriage, hou gave birth to a second daughter, Niu Niu.When Hou yaowen married Yuan Yin, people around him were not optimistic about the couple.Because of the age difference, we all thought the marriage would not last.After they fell in love and got married, they also had a sweet time.Hou Yaowen doted on Yuan Yinna, and they gave birth to a daughter. At that time, the three of them lived happily ever after.In the side of all people, began to gradually accept two people, this old and young husband and wife of the relationship, this relationship has changed.At that time, Hou yaowen was quite well-known as a crosstalk actor.This makes Hou often spend less time with his mother and her daughter.Living in an empty house, young Yuan Yin felt very lonely.There is no man at home for a long time, a lot of things to trouble the neighborhood, this often go to Hou Yaowen home to help Dai Zhicheng, attracted the attention of the neighborhood.This Dai Zhicheng is also a crosstalk actor, according to the generation ranking, he should be hou yaowen’s nephew.The “nephew” often went to Hou’s house, which caused gossip among the neighbors.At that time, Yuan Yin broke up with Hou Yaowen on the grounds that they spent less time together and more time apart.In Yuan Yin and Hou Yaowen for divorce procedures, not long, she and Dai Zhicheng went together, this is to sit the neighborhood gossip.Dai Zhicheng that is also a family of people, he and Yuan Yin together, is abandoned his dross wife.After Yuan Yin and Dai Zhicheng go together, the family is very harmonious, the daughter Niu Niu that brings to Yuan Yin, Dai Zhicheng also is very fond of add.After the divorce, Hou became a loner, although he had another girlfriend.But three years after the divorce, Hou died of a heart attack at home.After Hou Yaowen dies, Yuan Yin and Dai Zhicheng are taking Hou Yaowen’s second daughter Niu Niu, it is involved in the battle for inheritance.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.