Xiao Nian read reunion

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Xiao Nian read reunion time in a hurry, suddenly a dead, the world and xiao Nian xiao Nian, small read, the world small reunion reunion, is the most precious Year, is mom steamed bun, dad’s Spring Festival couplets, family pray together day.In Jingyuan, little New Year is not only a time for reunion, but also a time for people to worship the cooking stove.The elders of the family should get up early on this day to prepare the steamed buns for the kitchen in advance.Early in the morning mothers are busy in the kitchen, fire, boiling water, kneading dough, steamed buns…Fathers go out to buy sweets for the offering of the kitchen. Families are busy with a clear division of labor, while children happily surround adults and look forward to the moment when the kitchen is delivered.In the evening, families gather around the kitchen and celebrate the “Xiao Nian”, praying for peace and wealth in the coming year.Off-year, after today is the year this year, I wish you to go home to the hometown about, to see the hometown people wish the world happiness, fall in your heart, live beside you may the New Year, win the old year jingyuan County Rong Media Center reporter Si Xiaogang Yang Wenbo Teng Jiantao Lei Jingshan (internship)