Cao Shengling, deputy mayor of Heze, visited Juye County to investigate the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter

2022-05-03 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 14 news (reporter Shen Zhen reporter Li Zhaoyong) February 11, Heze deputy mayor Cao Shengling to Juye county investigation autumn and winter air pollution prevention and control work.Cao Shengling and his party successively went to Tiexiongxinsha, long 堌 coal mine, Tianqiao Town environmental protection monitoring point, Juye West expressway environmental protection monitoring point and other places to check the implementation of air pollution prevention and control measures.Cao pointed out that relevant departments should improve their political position, establish a baseline thinking, focus on targeted, scientific and law-based pollution control, and spare no effort to prevent and control air pollution in autumn and winter.We will strengthen law enforcement, crack down on illegal activities such as illegal discharge, leakage and lax implementation of control measures, and continue to improve air quality.Cao shengling stressed that to increase the illegal manufacturing, storage, sales of fireworks investigation, timely detection to stop illegal fireworks behavior.We need to further strengthen the control of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, muck carriers and other vehicles, optimize control plans, organize dredging in a scientific way, and effectively reduce pollution emissions.We will strengthen monitoring and early warning, improve contingency plans, implement detailed environmental control measures, and constantly improve our capacity to prevent and control air pollution.Quan Hongtao, director of Heze Ecological environment Bureau, Feng Yanli, Secretary of Juye County Party Committee, and Chu Deloitte, county magistrate accompanied the activity.