Lawyer: the purchase of square dancing mute “artifact” or suspected violation

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, a short video on the Internet has caused a heated debate. In the video, the cameraman says, “Here we go!” and then takes out a flashlight shaped “magic device” and presses it at the aunts dancing in a nearby square.Aunts around the sound debugging fruitless, that the sound is broken, had to leave in succession.”I put up with these square dancing aunts for two or three years, but now I can control them with this method.”Mr. Li, the citizen of Nanning who took the video, said in an interview with the media.Mr. Li lives in nanning jingkai district on the 30th floor of a residential area, there is a square where people sing and dance almost every night. Even if he lives on a high floor, he is disturbed by the sound of a wave higher than a wave played by a wave of dance teams.Li said he was not being mischievous, but that he had been disturbed by the noise for a long time. His children had to do their homework, and elderly people in poor health had to go to bed later.He and his neighbors negotiated with aunts and called the police, but failed to resolve the problem.So he decided to “fight back” by buying “anti-square dancing artifacts” online.The reporter found that a search on Taobao for the words “anti-square dancing” will immediately appear “anti-square dancing artifact” and “anti-square dancing destroyer artifact” and other matching entries.There are quite a few square dance sound jammers on sale, with prices ranging from 100 to 300 yuan.The reporter opened the review section of a popular product, and found that some buyers had posted comments praising the jammer’s efficacy, along with videos of their own operation and unhappy dancing aunts, and a lot of applause below, so you can see that the “magic device” can really quiet the speaker.Contacted the seller on the principle of “artifact” explanation, the jammer is a high power remote control in nature, and through good emission modulation infrared light, sound in the receive window to receive the infrared signal, after decoding transmission, can let the sound turned off, switch mode, cut song, etc., can not work properly, so as to achieve the goal of control sound.But is it appropriate to use “artifacts” to influence other people’s sound?It is understood that the signal sent by this kind of square dance jammer is a kind of radio signal.According to the Radio Regulations of the People’s Republic of China, no unit or individual is allowed to use radio frequencies without authorization.If you want to use jammers, you should report to the relevant authorities, otherwise you may be suspected of violation, once verified, you will face the risk of punishment.Beijing boc (nanning) lawyer at QinHongWei thinks, on the one hand, the sound is a square dance lovers of private property, and they have sound ownership, right to the use and control, Mr. Li to control the sound or suspected violations of others, “Mr. Li should be used in objective considerations sound decibel is beyond the time range and volume regulations under the premise of,Communicate with square dancing fans.”On the other hand, the time and decibels for square dancing fans to use the sound should be controlled within a reasonable range, so as to communicate with the surrounding masses and coexist harmoniously.(Gcy source: Worker’s Daily)