Lucky draw continues on the third day of the Year of the Tiger

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I wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger!Wish you the year of tiger tiger!The tiger!The tiger!Thank you for your continuous attention and support and share the joy of the New Year with you. What are the prizes?Get a sneak peek — There are eight prizes in this activity, including Hua Qing Palace tickets, Yili Jindian Milk (or Ammushi), Spring Festival Bag of Olai Lintong Store in Wangfujing, Bayle Sunshine Milk, Gaojing Cinema tickets, Qinyuan Crystal Cake, Changnong Fresh vegetables and Danruer pomegranate juice.New Year worship activity time: January 31, 15:00 – February 6, 9:00.Before drawing, you need to open the red envelope within the specified time to save points. When the points are more than 10 points, you can get a chance to draw.Each wechat ID will have three lucky draws per day.After the Spring Festival holiday, the wechat official account of “Beautiful Lintong” will timely push the location and time of prize redemption, please pay attention to it.After winning the prize, please provide your name (or net name) and contact information as prompted, together with the prize redemption code, as the proof of the prize redemption later.Aww ~ really love the love ~ this prize is too generous. ~ quick to try their luck’s top pet powder welfare as lucky goose how can you miss?Click on the left side of the bottom of the article to read the original text to enter the campaign!Quick try your luck ~ Lintong wish you a happy New Year of the Tiger!New Year new wonderful, longitudinal benefits to enjoy!Editor: Shiwei Rect: Cheng Fang review: Wang Kun Stamp “read the original”, we draw together ~