As Shanghai fights the epidemic, everyone is a “screw” for the city’s early recovery.

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The battle against the epidemic in Shanghai is going through its most critical moment.Starting from 5 o ‘clock on March 28, Shanghai launched a new round of nucleic acid screening in blocks and grids across the city, taking the Huangpu River as the border.This is a crucial step in the prevention and control work under the current epidemic situation. It is a tough battle that must be won.The battle began again.Grass-roots police, medical staff, community workers, volunteers to adhere to and busy;”Do not leave home” when sealing control, “do not leak one person” when testing, the understanding of the public and the same direction……Move a quiet, condensed into the city’s war “epidemic” force.Photo taken on March 29, 2019 shows a view of Lujiazui in Pudong, East China’s Pudong District.Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang, special period, special spirit, special responsibility.At present, the 25 million Shanghai citizens are not only “witnesses” of the battle against the epidemic, but also “participants” and “guardians”.The virus spreads more stealthily, faster and in more chains.It’s a more difficult test with no standard answer, and for a megacity with such a large population and such a high density, the pressure to contain the virus is unparalleled.We will do our utmost to protect the lives and health of the people. Shanghai is in a dilemma to find a way out, and it is difficult to write the answer in a single stroke.To face up to the virus and fight it out is not only a challenge at present, but also an invariable way of modern governance of megacities.A staff member is on duty at the entrance of tianping Road in Xuhui district, East China’s Shanghai, March 29, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang at this moment, do your own, is to fight the epidemic!A new round of nucleic acid screening is more difficult than before.The virus is coming back in full force. Any “fish that slips through the net” will hinder the pace of the race against the virus, bringing greater challenges to the fight against the epidemic and greater risks to more citizens.At this time, it is particularly necessary for everyone to have self-discipline, self-awareness, patience and confidence, actively cooperate with nucleic acid screening, and help epidemic prevention personnel to know the bottom line.Strive to do a good job in personal protection, keep a rational and peaceful state of mind;Understanding and tolerance, reduce flow and even “forbidden” sealing and control, everyone self-discipline coordination and control, strive for full coverage, no omission…No matter what community, street or building you are in, you are doing your part to help fight the epidemic.Residents receive nucleic acid samples at a nucleic acid testing site in Huamu neighborhood of Pudong New Area in East China’s Pudong New Area, March 28, 2019.Xinhua News Agency sent at the moment, two-way rush, is also fighting the epidemic!The difficulty of the stress test has been raised.As the largest container seaport and the third largest international airport in the world, The Normal operation of Shanghai port can not be stopped.Financial market digital beat, port logistics continue to transport, not to lose.Pudong had a sleepless night.On the eve of the lockdown across the river, in the last few hours, many financial workers went “retrograde” overnight, bedding down and guarding their computers.Employees working overtime, just off the production line, back to the workshop, stay in the closed loop, stick to their posts…Traffic was temporarily suspended, but the stock exchange opened on time, the factor market operated smoothly, and the major financial artery remained unblocked.In these ordinary and unusual trading days, everyone who must be present is connected to the heart of the city, making the sound of the digital “waterway” that connects the country and the world still sound.Photo taken on March 27, 2019 shows a staff member of the China Central Government Bond Depository and Clearing Co., LTD preparing a camp bed and sleeping bag for closure at its headquarters in Shanghai, east China.Xinhua News Agency issued at the moment, up and go, but also to fight the epidemic!At present, Shanghai has just begun to launch a “general offensive” against the virus. We should be strict, strict, meticulous and practical, and not allow any omissions. In a complicated situation, it is inevitable that there will be insufficient resources.It depends not only on baymax, volunteers, party members and cadres to work hard at the front line, but also on the tolerance and support of the public. In the most strenuous stage of the battle for the pass, more people, such as you and me, need to take practical actions, help and contribute to build a stronger “anti-poison barrier” for the city.”If you have the power, knock on the door to help the elderly living alone.” “Don’t call 120 for minor problems. Give more emergency resources to those who really need them.”Words from the bottom of my heart, time and again within my power, one by one, everyone is the “screw” for the city to recover as soon as possible, can pass the firm and warm power.In this battle, persistence is victory, persistence can win!On March 29, community workers in Shuian Neighborhood Committee of Xidu Street, Fengxian district, Shanghai, came to the door to inform the elderly of their home requirements and register what they needed.Those who stick together through thick and thin will prosper, and those who stick together through thick and thin will win.The continuous flow of the Huangpu River will witness this unforgettable moment of fighting the epidemic.Witness the growth of this megacity, tempered and tempered by the pandemic;Witness the great work of the people’s City.Column chief editor: Qin Hong Text editor: Fang Ying Photo source: Above view photo photo editor: Yong Kai source: Xinhua Daily News Jiang Wei, Zhou Lin et al