Liyuan Snow Disaster warning and protection technology in winter

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# Pear trees # Snowfall in winter may adversely affect pear tree growth and orchard infrastructure, and may cause freezing damage or damage to orchard infrastructure.Therefore, the prevention and post-snow management of low temperature rain and snow weather should be actively done to ensure the normal production and management of pear orchard in winter.Before the snow preventive measures: 1, strengthen the trellis, bird nets and other facilities before rain and snow weather, the pear garden trellis facilities to carry out a comprehensive inspection, strengthen the trellis, enhance the trellis resistance to wind and snow, the pear garden with bird nets should be rolled up to prevent bird nets from being damaged or the overall collapse of the support caused by too much snow.2, root and neck soil in the root of pear tree with soil 25-35cm high mound and pat solid, reduce soil moisture evaporation, keep the neck warm and moist, prevent the occurrence of root and neck freezing injury.When the temperature returns in the spring of the next year, the mound should be removed in time to maintain smooth ventilation.3, the trunk tied grass, the root covered with straw wrapped pear tree trunk, can effectively prevent the trunk from freezing.At the same time, a layer of straw is covered around the pear tree root, and the thickness of straw is generally 20-30cm, which is the best, which can make the pear tree root from freezing injury, and help to improve the tree body temperature.4, pear garden smoking pear garden smoking can reduce the ground heat loss, improve the ground temperature and air temperature.Specific method: transport smoking materials such as sawdust, straw, firewood and other important parts of the pear garden in advance.In the evening, a thermometer is placed 1 meter away from the ground to observe temperature changes in time. When the temperature plummets to 0℃ in the early morning, it should be lit and smoked.After ignition, pay attention not to ignite the flame, try to make it smoke, can be controlled with soil.5, chemical protection before the occurrence of low temperature freezing injury, artificial spraying of anti-freezing agents, such as potassium naphthalene acetate, cyanocyanin, improve the concentration of tree SAP, so as to enhance cold resistance.After the snow management measures: 1, timely clearing snow such as too late to roll up the bird net facilities, in the heavy snow should organize personnel to shake off the bird net and other facilities deposited snow.At the same time, the whole garden observation, timely shake off the snow in the canopy area not pruned, to prevent the snow fracturing or breaking branches.Rain shelter cultivation, trellage facilities to timely clean the snow on the roof of the trellage, to avoid too much snow leading to the collapse of trellage facilities.2, the trunk of the white snow can be promptly coated with white agent will be the trunk and the main branch evenly coated white, so that the tree body temperature is stable, not only can prevent freezing, sunburn, but also can kill the trunk of bacteria, eggs and adults.3, speed up the completion of winter pruning on the one hand is to complete the winter plastic pruning interrupted by rain and snow weather;On the other hand, timely pruning by snow pressure broken branches and frozen branches, so that the tree body as soon as possible to restore tree potential, scissors with stone sulfur mixture, disinfection and sterilization agent daub;Special attention should be paid to pruning of diseased and insect branches, and the cuttings should be taken out of the orchard for centralized disposal to prevent them from being the primary source of disease and insect infection in the following year.4, pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests after freezing plant tree potential weakness, spring shoots and new leaves prone to aphids, mites, black star disease, black spot, anthrax and other diseases, should pay attention to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.5, strengthen the next spring management suffered from freezing pear tree in the early spring of the next year should strengthen water and fertilizer management, improve the nutritional level of the tree body, promote the recovery of tree potential;Timely thinning of dead branches and frozen flowers, save the consumption of nutrition.At the same time, in the flowering stage supplemented by artificial pollination, spraying 0.3% borax +1% sucrose solution, improve the fruit setting rate.