Plum blossom easy number of hexagrams example analysis: how to find people and find things to break accurate?

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I have written several articles on its principles, laws and related concepts before.To say method, must draw lessons from example, say with example, guide thinking, inspire feeling, then can study deeply.Test the elderly lost geng Nian, Moon ding Wei day, 9:30 a.m.Mrs. Ding’s in-laws went missing yesterday morning. The old man is 65 years old, a little paraplegic and sometimes delirious.In order to facilitate the search, hope to point to a search direction.Ms. Ding looked worried, but not too worried.From the hexagrams to “Tianshan Dun” four yao, into the “fengshan gradually”, see each other “dry” “Xun”.The old man was not in danger.He left his house and headed northwest.On the first day, he chatted with an old man, who kept him at night.The next day, he chatted with another old man and was detained again in the evening.On the afternoon of the third day, he will go east by bus. He will be able to find it 30 miles east of his community, and he will have official help.As a result, on the third night after the old man got lost, Ms. Ding said: Exactly. On the first day after the old man left, he stayed in the northwest with an old man who watched the gate for a day and spent the night there.The next day, was a gatekeeper of the old man to keep.On the third day, at about three o ‘clock in the afternoon, he caught an eastbound bus and got off at the terminus thirty miles east.After getting out of the car, he was confused and confused and was detained by patrol officers.Just then, his child drove up here.Interpretation of the hexagrams: 1. On the fourth day of the lunar month, the body of the hexagrams is “gong”, which is born on the first day of the lunar month. It is not prosperous, but it is not long.2. Using the trigrams, the “stem” trigrams in each other can be regarded as northwest, town, old man, car, police and so on.This implies that the old man headed northwest, had contact with two other old men, and then drove away in a car, and the police would show up.3. The change of divination represents the outcome of the measured thing. The change of divination “Xunmu” can be regarded as southeast or east, but there is no bus line in the east of the old man’s residential area, so he went southeast.The sum of the total number of trigrams is 30. If you count from the time of the trigrams, you can find it in 30 hours, that is, in the afternoon of the next day. The distance must be about 30 li.Test bike lost shen Month Guiguo ugly day, evening.A friend came back from a wedding party and found that he had lost a high-grade bicycle.”Tian Ze Lu” on the line moves, change the hexagrams “into ze”, mutual “xun” from “.Inference: The bicycle is not lost, it can be found.Just south of the pool in front of my friend’s house, a little to the east in the pool under a small tree.The next morning, my friend took several people with a long pole to test it. As expected, it was not bad and was pulled out on the spot.It turned out that he had drunk himself into a blackout. After drinking under a small tree, he was walking home and his bicycle had slipped down the slope into the water.Interpretation of the hexagrams: the body does not lose weight.Dry one against two, its number is very small, the month than the day, the gua gas in the past, the next day can be found.Gua shua has “from”, “from” for the south, gua shua for the location of the lost, gua shua for “dui”, “dui” for the pool, visible lost in the south pool, and gua shua has “xun”, “xun” for the southeast, for young trees, can be inferred that the lost in the southeast pool of young trees.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.