“The Most Beautiful Chinese Opera” : Deeply cultivate the beauty of opera to create a “broken circle” model

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“The Most Beautiful Chinese Opera” by Beijing Radio and Television Bureau has been selected as an innovative and excellent program in the fourth quarter of 2021.The program decodes the beauty of Chinese excellent traditional culture in an all-round way with immersive opera cultural experience. In the interaction between tradition and modernity, as well as the collision between inheritance and innovation, traditional opera spreads “out of the circle”, marking a strong stroke of strengthening cultural confidence.Fengguan xia clothing curtain cloth open, the most beautiful opera meet yi and.”The Most Beautiful Chinese Opera” drives inheritance by performance, decodes opera culture in a comprehensive way, elaborates the beauty of opera form and charm, the “seed” of the quintessence of China blooms and bears fruit in the “deep cultivation”, and inspires the profound power of cultural confidence.Program reveals his drama culture, make h and drama club, a collection of opera leaders of all stripes, today’s literary character famously, birth, at the end of the, net, ugly, take turns, classic, six different types within a green tiles, another high level drama ChuangYan and academic discussions, lingering between gene rooted Chinese traditional opera in the heart.How to let the performance of high threshold, high threshold of appreciation of Tang Xianzu’s masterpiece “Linchuan Four Dreams” into the hearts of the audience, the program with a span of time and space “Chinese and Western dialogue” to give the answer.O h and drama club night falls, the musical actor YunGa and President Wang Han act the role of Shakespeare and tang xianzu, in the dream of space-time overlapping, match well of Chinese and western dialog, from theoretical level to find the commonness and characteristics of Chinese opera and western opera, an academic value, added with yellow skin, the sound professional opera actor in textbook of “four work five method” to create perfection even Taiwan drama,The beautiful combination of sound and light and the precise use of the lens are full of atmosphere. Between the play in the play and the dream in the dream, the sparks of Chinese and Western culture splash everywhere, and the charm of the opera is interesting to talk about.
The dream dialogue between Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu inherits the original intention that the stage is really left to the opera, and the high-level opera performance is both elegant and popular. Many kinds of operas and opera masters of various trades come on stage. In the communication with the young people pushing the new official, the history book of traditional opera slowly opens.Program selected parts of a large number of outstanding drama works, characters, scenes aroused audience culture symbol of memories, national first-level actor, famous Peking Opera artist ShangChangRong sainted predecessors and operatic drama club plan for all the three cloud, red chamber ‘, lit up the drama art one peak and traditional culture of the new generation is important.
Liyuan senior Mr. Shang Changrong dialogue with young people push new officials step by step, a picture scroll, a dance and a light and shadow.”China’s most beautiful play” to change the linear thinking, will be loyal to the stage, and also across the stage, with immersive experience, led the audience feel a garden of passage, a costume all men are mortal, a facebook, the joys and sorrows of the multi-dimensional communication based on the modern aesthetic fashion, architecture, costumes, such as facebook share cultural symbol meimei, let the audience resonate in different areas and drama.Reality show innovation to the outdoor garden and opera live ChuangYan show the way of combining existing in our country, the scale best-preserved imperial garden Summer Palace in the live action, listen to the cerulean hall, Buddha incense, and garden, known spring pavilion landmarks such as appearance, and the drama club President, small things lead each guest word, rehearsals and concerts,Opened a section of garden and opera story, multi-perspective lens ingenuity to build picturesque environment, witness the vicissitudes of traditional opera.The program is deeply devoted to the dissemination of opera culture, changing the isolated situation of “you play and I watch”, explaining performance knowledge to xiao Bai in the most intuitive way on the basis of fully understanding the aesthetic needs of the public, through creating the subtle emotional connection between the audience and opera, the situation of “silence under the stage” is changing.For example, members of the drama club learn from famous teachers and trace back to the Peking Opera masterpiece “zombie lying”. Through the practice of “hard zombie” and “soft zombie” skills, opera actors’ exquisite skills are difficult and not easy to touch people’s hearts.For example, the most beautiful scene will focus on the gorgeous costumes and immerse the design principles, aesthetic pursuit and cultural implication of costume styles, color matching and patterns. The long sense of history and unique national style and beauty will come out, giving the audience a high level of aesthetic experience.The most beautiful scene in China “to” break “thinking, let the quintessence for conveniently and widely spread, for the younger generation, in the form of” reality TV “inherent content and break the traditional opera performances in the form of barriers, in the interaction and dialogue, changed the traditional opera art” narcissistic “attitude, make the mainstream culture in a more gentle way into the young man’s heart.The program for the yihe Drama club young people to promote the new official set up difficult and easy opera tasks, in the “pass” process, the young guests and opera leaders fun interaction, for the spread of opera culture to find a new way, traditional culture with a sense of The Times embrace the young generation.The virtual idol combination show gives the traditional opera with new vitality with unique innovative expression, popular elements and ancient art collision, blend, virtual technology to create the national style idol combination “Lin Xi”, in the ancient and the present interaction, looking for all kinds of possibilities of opera in the future.For example, the Beijing Opera “The Uproar in the Dragon Palace” and the dance performance “The Monkey King” bring audiences a completely different experience of traditional and modern times. The old and young generations have diverse interpretations of classic themes, and take care of the progress and development of social trends.
The Most Beautiful Chinese Opera deeply explores the cultural dissemination of traditional opera, pays tribute to tradition with the ultimate spirit, and creates a new audio-visual experience for the audience just like a dream.The program decodes the common cultural memory of Chinese people in an all-round way. Starting from the contemporary era, it opens the entrance to opera culture and promotes the “breaking circle” of the quintessence of Chinese culture.