A shares: market next week trend analysis: weekly chart on two special phenomenon, to attach great importance to

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A-share market this week is over, I on the analysis of weekly movements, found the market this week weekly chart, there are two special phenomena, both special phenomenon indicates the market next week whether to turn, more important, I through the market under the weekly charts and weekly technical indicators, to run the market overall trend next week and the two special phenomena, do A simple analysis,For fans and friends to refer to and exchange.The first special phenomenon is: the shape of the week K line is inverted hammer head, this form in the market after a big drop is generally bottom signal, can have such a judgment?Let’s analyze: the market weekly trend is currently in the overall adjustment, the 60-week line has been transformed from support to resistance, 3580 point is now a strong resistance, the need for the index to stay away from the 60-week line next week, combined with the trend of a new low on Friday and the Spring Festival effect, can not judge this inverted hammer is the weekly bottom form.From the technical analysis, this week’s weekly inverted hammer shape, not bottom form.There are two specific factors in the bottom shape of inverted hammer head: notch and shrinkage.Is this hammerhead line is jump low opening, and there is a jump gap between the last big Yin line, and accompanied by a large range of shrinkage, and this week’s volume and last week basically flat, this week’s inverted hammerhead, there is no jump gap.One, no shrinkage, two, no gap, none of the elements of the first part exist.I personally think the probability of “trap” is relatively high.This week the inverted hammer shape of the market is not bottom signal, need the next K line to confirm, next week if there is an upward jump in the Yang line, and accompanied by volume amplification, can be regarded as the short-term bottom of the market, if it is infinite, cut can not receive the Yang line, as the “inverted hammer trap”.The current volume of the market is the current situation, can not shrink down, put out, the lack of new funds into the market, suddenly out of a large zhongyang weekly line, the possibility is very small.The second special phenomenon is: the market weekly line closed below 60 weeks in a row for two weeks.If the weekly line does not close on the 60-week line next week, as the weekly trend will be a major turning point.This is the third time since June 2020 ended below this line, and this is for two weeks, this phenomenon is more special, since two weeks line, 60 next week will be far away from the weekly line first, and then the smoke, forming a concussion, cooperate with the Spring Festival effect, the market next week the shape of the line is still tight trading range, will receive a small Yin line,Next week the market will be in the shock, a small decline, the shock range between 3500-3560 points.This week there was a long line, I wrote in the article last week, this long line is the market to smoke caused by the rise of only 0.04% this week, the line can be said to be calm.To sum up, the a-share market weekly movements on the two special phenomena, should attach great importance to, hammer head shape is trap, need to move next week to confirm, the market for two consecutive weeks below 60 weeks line is one and A half years since the first time, if the market next week is not on the average, can judge the market medium-term stage of adjustment, still have large risk,The overall operation requires caution.(This article is my exclusive release in toutiao number, no reprint!Personal views, only for reference, for fans and friends to exchange, not as a basis for investment!