How come Only He Jiong’s Saturday is so good?Just look at how expensive it is

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Since Hunan TV announced the cancellation of Happy Camp, the happy family has never been together again, and they rarely get a chance to share the same stage again. The newly launched Hello Saturday has only one host, He Jiong, who used to be familiar to viewers. It feels like a mass layoff has left only the most important people.The host group of “Hello Saturday” are all new artists born in the 1990s, and the positioning of this variety show is also oriented towards young people, which is why the broadcasting of Quick Ben was stopped and Saturday was introduced. However, as a very strong host pillar, teacher He will naturally stay to lead the new artists.But why is Hello Saturday so good with only He Jiong?Great one, “how do you do on Saturday in the public eye as a take over is domestic landmark variety show” happy camp “, whether it is what reason, from a lot of audience belonging to “happy camp” is bound to be more selective gaze at a higher measure to judge the variety of the levels.In terms of the host selection and performance in recent episodes, the production team of “Hello Saturday” is also very aware of the audience’s psychology and tries to find a balance between the original audience’s perception.Host lineup in addition to retain “He Jiong” has been the primary core of the happy family, the rest of the members are silent exit.Other members are: young idol Wang Hedi, crosstalk boy Qin Xiaoxian;Rap veteran Bridge;Lady CAI Shaofen…And three new presenters from elite schools.First of all, in happy Camp, which is the background of many post-90s youth memories disappearing, the retention of he Jiong, a veteran host, will inevitably arouse a sense of intimacy among many viewers.Moreover, He Jiong himself has gone through more than ten years on the road of variety show host and is extremely experienced. He can always properly deal with all kinds of emergencies. When he hosts, the atmosphere of variety show is almost firmly controlled by him from beginning to end.Excellent host strength, is also a lot of audiences because of him and look forward to this variety show a big reason.And other fixed guests, such as: Qin Xiaoxian, Wang Hedi, the production team must also consider whether the former “Happy Camp” is now “Hello Saturday” the main viewing group is still 90, 00 after this group of people.The influence of the two youth idols cannot be underestimated in the young group, especially the highly recognizable figure of Qin Xiaoxian, to a certain extent, he is very popular in the young female group.Bridge has great influence and popularity in the field of “rap”, and his own rap strength is beyond doubt.In recent episodes of the program, he cleverly integrated “rap” into part of the host segment, and narrated the game content or the upcoming guests by way of rap. His unique hosting style naturally won the attention of many audiences.This is not difficult to see from the small, bridge is also behind the painstaking efforts to make his own characteristics with the content of the program, so as to give the audience a better sense of variety.The other Choi shao-fen, over the years of her acting career and the persistent “Kong Pu”, has built up a funny and informal image.When she participated in several variety shows, her good sense of variety also led to her attracting a lot of attention among young people.Therefore, although CAI Shaofen may lack some professional knowledge as a host, it is not a problem to activate the overall atmosphere as a regular guest and win a smile from the audience according to their own characteristics.In the end, “Hello Saturday” is still a variety show promoted by hunan SATELLITE TV, the leading domestic entertainment TV station. Whether it is the stage lighting effect, or the program props, guests’ gold content, dressing way…And so on are the first-class level of domestic variety.For example, the guests invited by the program group in recent periods: “Guo Qilin”, the little master of Deyun Society;Hong Kong beauty “Tan Song Yun”;Deyun Society high student “Yue Yunpeng”……He even invited three famous stars in Hong Kong “Joey Yung”, “Charlene Choi” and “Lai Yiu Cheung” in one show…A number of veteran actors and well-known artists support the stage, undoubtedly the level of the variety show to a lot of higher.All in all, the guest lineup and program production of “Hello Saturday” are still first-class in China, and with the support of hunan SATELLITE TV, the entertainment leader, I believe it will definitely show different sparks.